Design Wall Monday

Monday, June 29, 2015
Two R/W/B album blocks--

No goals for this week, I'm pretty busy and there won't be time to sew.  See everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.  I did have time to shop this last week.  I bought new shoes--

They are Cape Town by Rock Springs and the color is Tutti Fruitti!  Perfect for a scrap quilter.  All elastic so they fit my narrow foot well.  And, you can get them wet with no problems.  They are very comfortable.  

I'll be attending my 40th class reunion this week.  We're a laid back group, its being held at the local mechanics shop.  (Its a nice big air conditioned building)  He was in my class.  Thanks Dave!


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, June 28, 2015
This week I bought a charm pack.  That's it.  About 3/4 yard.  My new numbers are--

Stash in this week--.75 yards
Stash in YTD--176.25 yards
Stash out this week--0 yards
Stash out YTD--162.5 yards  

Stash is ahead 13.75 yards!
Please see everyone's stash report at Patchwork Times.


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, June 27, 2015
More album blocks using teal blues--

I will have to stop making album and monkey wrench blocks until I go home and see how many I have.  I might have gone a little crazy making green blocks.   Maybe next month will be a color I have a lot of--I'm hoping for orange!  Liz sent me at least 15 different orange fabrics and I love orange! 

A few Monkey Wrench blocks using teal blue.  Please see everyone's blue projects at SoScrappy.


Motivation Friday

Time off from volunteering this week resulted in some sewing--

Two more blocks for Kim Diehl's All in a Row quilt.  I'm working with what stash I packed.  Another whimsical block--

Odd bits of fabric, some bugs and some teal blues.  It may look strange now but it will blend in with other blocks in a quilt.  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 22, 2015
Another R/W/B album block--

There are stars and flags in there.  The red stars bled while I was pressing the fabric, but I rinsed it several times and it quit, probably just excess dye.  The handsome gentleman holding the block is Dave Becker--Operations Project Manager at Gavins Point Project.  Dave is one of the people who make volunteering fun.  

Volunteers are a valuable resource for many places.  I've been volunteering at Gavins Point for 10 years.  There is a national website with opportunities all over the United States.  Many local opportunities exist, just ask.  

Weekly Goals--

Album Blocks
Monkey Wrench blocks
Missouri Star Disappearing Pinwheel blocks
Liz's Squared

The week looks pretty busy but I hope to squeeze in some sewing time.  Since I have limited room I stick mainly to piecing in the camper.  Although clutter doesn't bother me, I am OCD!  After making the album blocks I had to organize my box of 2.5" squares.  Yes, its the size of a large shoebox.  Enough squares to make at least 1-2 quilts.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Let me lose misplace something and I go crazy!  Yesterday I lost misplaced the scooter keys.  There is only ONE key for the ignition.  (I am having a hard time finding a key place that has that blank).  I searched for 2 hours.  My garbage went to the dumpster two days ago.  Yes, I went and dug it out of the dumpster and searched it.  Don't ask!  But no keys were in the trash.  I had given up the search and planned to spend $$$ getting a new ignition/key made.  As I wandered my campsite lamenting the loss of the keys I spied them on the picnic table under some flower pots.  YIPPEE!!  The Corps gives away keychains (floating ones for boaters) that I am putting the scooter keys on.  Hopefully they will be easier to keep track of.

Have a great week!!


Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, June 21, 2015
New numbers this week--

Stash in this week--4.5 yards
Stash in YTD--175.5 yards
Stash out this week--0 yards
Stash out YTD--162.5 yards  

Stash is ahead 13 yards!

Heading the wrong way but I needed this fabric!  Remember the pink blocks that aren't quite all the same size?

I was able to match the pink.  Better yet, I used a JoAnn's coupon at Hancock fabrics for 60% off, that brought the print down to $2.80@yd.  Its called Wendover fabric, I've used it before and really like it.  The plan is to sash all the blocks with more pink so no one notices they aren't all the same size!!  Maybe cornerstones with a strip of white for sashing too.  Do you have any ideas?  So far I've thought of 3" 9 patches in white and pink for cornerstones.  Please see everyone's stash reports at Patchwork Times.


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, June 20, 2015
The Rainbow Scrappy Challenge this month is light blue to blue greens.  

I paired bumblebee fabric with a light bluegreen dot.  The bumblebees were a gift from Lorri2Rs--I love adding some whimsy to my quilts.  MacKenzie and Dani held my blocks for photos--they are summer rangers with the Corps of Engineers.  The Corps hires great summer rangers!  Please see everyone's blocks at SoScrappy.