Design Wall Monday

Monday, June 20, 2016
First, let's do yesterday's stash report.

Stash in 53 yards
Stash in YTD 216.25
Stash out--zilch
Stash out YTD--95 yds

Stash is ahead 121.25yds 

I bought 30 yards of solid colored backgrounds--gray, teal blue, lime green, celery green, tan, and antique tan.  $2.24 yd--I think it was a good deal.  The scrap bags I estimated 21 yds--7 scrap bags/3 yds per bag.  And I bought 2 yards of yardage for the centers of my blocks in the Apple Crisp quilt I'm making.  I love my purchases, I've already cut some of them up.

I made a few more Arrowhead blocks--

More "under the sea" colors.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Sew a little

Yup, that's it.  Father's day was busy--Laura Beth, Nick, and the boys were camping over the weekend.  We hosted Ken's family for Father's Day--Ken made reservations at a local restaurant.  Then we had cake and ice cream at our camper.  

I cut the background for Double Square Star by Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I used my Creative Grids Stripology Ruler.

 I had cut 6 WOF strips then--

All the strips are cut!  I love the Stripology Ruler!!  

Hot hot days here.  I'm staying in by the air conditioner.  I plan to volunteer and sew this week--inside where its cool!


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Time for Rainbow Scrappy Saturday Under the Sea colors--

More Arrowhead blocks.  I love greens and teals.  Please see everyone's posts at SoScrappy.

Life has been very busy, no sewing time so far this week.  But I saw this in a parking lot on Thursday--

Don't worry, it was just a stuffed toy.  It reminds of an incident from 30 years ago.  My mother had a dachshund who loved to ride in the car.  Sammie would ride on the back of the seat behind my mother's head.  He was smart, and knew when the window rolled up he better have his head in.  But on this trip one of his long floppy ears got rolled up in the window.  He was howling and yelping and crying and about gave my mother heart failure!  

This week I was home for a few days.  We're done planting.  The flowers at home have been completely neglected.

There are two large clematis blooming, one on each side of the deck.  The dark purple is a Jackmani and is completely covered with buds and blossoms.  I don't remember the name of the other clematis, it has smaller lavender flowers that hang down like bells.  They are about 12 foot tall and will climb to the top of the pergola.  Clematis like the sun but like cool "feet". They are behind the steps of the deck but on the west side of our house.  PLENTY of sun where they are!  The steps shade the bottom of the plants.

Summer is in full swing, the campgrounds are full and I'm busy at the Visitor Center.  I LOVE summer!


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, June 11, 2016
A few more green blocks--

The HST are all some form of green.  Next I made a star block with a 16 patch center--

Kind of aquamarine.  

Last night I searched my stash for aquamarine.   Nope, not much there.  ????  I love that color and decided the few bits in my stash were because I use it up as fast as it come in!  I'll make more green blocks (never too much green!) and call it good.  Please see what everyone has made at SoScrappy!

Its been a busy week, we finished planting soybeans, my garden is in, and I'm home from the camper for a few days.  I've missed my stash, and I've been too busy with volunteering to have much sewing time.  My laptop has been persnickety all day, didn't want to connect to the internet.  

I've been playing with the stash and planning a new start.  Dreading my stash report.  (Insert big grin here!!)  Its all good!!  


Design Wall Monay and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 6, 2016
Yesterday I sewed 4 patches to bricks--

120 matchsticks done.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Friday I met Lorri2Rs in Sioux Falls.  We stopped at the LQS--they had scrap bags.  We LOVE scrap bags!  Beautiful weather so we went to the park to open the scrap bags and pet all the fabric.

2Rs posed with our loot!  In one of my bags was a doll panel.  I passed that to 2Rs!

Another photo of my purchases--

See the chickens? I am planning a chicken quilt so finding more chickens was a good thing.  In one of the bags was R/W/B fabrics--

I have more at home and will make a quilt with them.  

Weekly Goals--

Sew Bricks & SS into threesies

That's all, I need to go home and bring back some stash.  We are still planting soybeans but there's been lots of rain so we're waiting to dry out.  

These two baskets were on sale at Lowe's--

Lantana--a peach and a bi-color.  The seedlings in flats had to be moved on top of the picnic table, baby bunnies were eating them!  I hope to get my garden in this week, its been too wet to till.  Tomatoes, a few summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  Just enough to eat fresh.  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, May 30, 2016
Yesterday I worked on the next Double 4 Patch quilt, the 4 patches paired with 5" charms--

Lots of B/W 4 patches but also burgundy, gold, yellow, brown, red, green, and blue.  I need 126 pairs for a quilt.  They are ready for layout the next time I sew.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

I love planting and growing things.  

A picnic table does double duty as a base for my satellite, and a place for my plants.  Tomatoes, purple/white petunias, and yellow pansies.  The bottom pots are planted with morning glory, sweet peas, moon flowers, mallow, hollyhock, and other flowers.  Most are perennials but a few annuals.  My flower beds are planted with an assortment of flower seeds--I have great faith in planting seeds!  I still need to buy some flowers to put in my pots.  

A crock pot is a handy item, I have a small one for when its just me, today I set it outside to cook--french dip sandwiches.  

Why outside?  I only have so much counter space, and there is a plug in on the outside of my camper.  It does throw off a lot of heat and it can heat outside!  

Friday there was a package in my mailbox from Trudi.  I have never met Trudy--only through email.  This winter she was making wallets and offered to send me one.  I was speechless when I opened it--

Do you see all the pockets?  The credit card slots?  The zipper pocket?  The wonderful fabrics??  Check out the quilters on the front!!  I immediately emptied my old wallet and filled this one.  It holds everything, even my cell phone!  Trudi--Thank you so much!!!  Quilters are the best people!!

Weekly Goals-- 

Sew on Double 4 Patch
Bricks & Stepping Stones

That's it, that's all I have at the camper.  Its going to be a busy week.  



Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, May 28, 2016
I made six Jacob's Ladder blocks with green but I can't find the picture!  But I used a bit of green in my Barn Dance blocks--

Look carefully--there are bits of green in several blocks!  These are the 1/16th measurement blocks for Step 4.  Here are all my blocks so far--

These blocks went so fast!  Does it seem like that to anyone else??  Please see everyone's green projects at SoScrappy

Life has been crazy busy!  I'm volunteering again but we are still planting crops.  Its rained and the fields are too wet to work so I'm sewing at the camper.  I took a few pics while I was "farming".

This old cemetery is found along a dirt road.  Sprinkled through the cemetery and ditch are these purple iris from long ago.  There must have been a church at one time, the concrete steps are still in the fence line.  Although the names on the headstones are common to the area, I have no idea who they were or what the church name was. 

One evening when leaving the field I noticed the moon was coming up.  

The evening was hazy and I liked the way the trees and bins set off the moon.

My Nelly Moser clematis is blooming--

The blossoms are about the size of my hand.  I love the stripes on the flowers. 

There hasn't been much time to sew, today its overcast and sometimes we get short periods of scattered sprinkles.  Beautiful weather, about 70F right now with a slight breeze.  The windows are open and I did a bit of unpacking in the camper. 

Here is my 401a set up in my camper.  

I hope for more consistent blogging when life settles down.  I have tomatoes to plant (but no garden spot tilled yet) and my flower pots are still empty.  The bird feeders are up and the finches are greedy things--empty a sock almost every day!  The orioles are eating grape jelly and the hummingbirds keep looking for a feeder.  Last year the wasps found my hummer feeder so I am considering not putting it out.