Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Time for new numbers.  This week I bought *gasp* 18.5 yards!

Stash in this week--18.50 yards
Stash in YTD--247.00 yards
Stash out this week--0.0 yards

Stash is ahead 99.5 yards!

12 yards of batiks from a quilt store that was closing.  

Some neutrals with a red, green, and blue.  Bait for Mojo calling!

Well, looks like I better start quilting!  See everyone's stash reports at Patchwork Times.  


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, November 14, 2015
I'm debating on a new RSC project--

A simple plan--use 2.5 inch strips around a central square.  Use only variations of two colors--I used lime green and pink for this one.  When all the blocks are made you slice them into quarters--add black sashings and sew them back together.  Simple but very effective.

I found this in an old magazine I bought at the quilt show.  I'm thinking of making enough for one quilt over the next year.  Please see everyone's posts at So Scrappy.

More album blocks to round out my colors--

Black/dark blue

Reds with navy dots

Reds and cream

How did this weeks goals fare?
Finish 30's border and prepare a backing--top done but no backing
Prepare backing for another UFO--nope
Work on Star Struck--yes
Finish small guild class project--no
I was able to do some quilting--

Milky Way
After tossing the gauntlet down I decided I better do some quilting!  

Has this happened to you?  I have a finished quilt "somewhere".  Ken and I have looked everywhere for it.  Well, obviously not EVERYWHERE or we would have found it.  But while looking for the quilt I found three more tops to quilt.  And I brought home a QOV from guild to quilt.  

While staying with LB and family I did a little shopping.  Some fabric to declare on my stash report tomorrow, but also bought a 6,000yd cone of poly wrap white thread.  I use a lot of white when I quilt and I don't want to stop and wait for a thread order when I'm quilting!  The Princess doesn't like 100% cotton thread.  Too much stress to use as the top thread--high speed, turns on points etc and it breaks easily.  I can use it in the bobbin with no problem.  So I'm working at the thread stash using what I can as a bottom thread.  90% of my quilting is done using a white or off white thread.  I so regret buying all the variegated I have!  Life is a "live and learn" process.  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 9, 2015
This week I worked with the "found" 30's blocks (broken dishes pattern) from last winter--

They were partially set together with alternating white blocks and I didn't like that anymore--too much white.  I instead whacked them apart and now I call them "30's Streamers"--remember the crepe paper you would hang from the ceiling to decorate with??  One last border to put on and it will be a finished top to quilt.  Please see everyone's Design Wall Posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Finish 30's border and prepare a backing
Prepare backing for another UFO
Work on Star Struck
Finish small guild class project

That is a nice variety for the next week.  

We're been busy preparing for winter.  Yesterday we worked outside cleaning the flower beds, putting away lawn chairs, pulling down the vines from the deck and pergola.  I still want to tackle pruning back the lilacs on the lot we bought next door, no one has done that for many years.  Does anyone have any advice on how or whether to do this?  I want to trim them back to four foot, they shield us from the street and west winds.  There are a lot of dead branches to be taken out.  I am hoping this will revitalize them.

Last week I bought a lovely Cinderella pumpkin--

 I try to grow them but this year the growing season was too short--they need 125 days.  I bought this one--I had never seen them in the store before.  Its a variety grown for eating and cooking.

I felt bad doing this to it--

 Much easier to cut using a hammer to tap the knife.

It was a big pumpkin--22# and yielded 12 pints of pumpkin puree.  Stephenie from Australia told me they grow like WEEDS there and other than roasting with other veggies they aren't eaten much.  Pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread (much better than banana bread) and pumpkin cake and bars are popular at our house and pretty much in all of the USA.  Do you use pumpkin in cooking??  Is it a USA only thing?

I threw the gauntlet down on Stashbusters--I challenged everyone to join me in a sewing/quilting marathon.  My goals are five tops quilted by January 1st and a total of 12 by May 1st.  Its a steep goal--I only have four tops ready to quilt.  But I'm going to try!  Would you like to join me?  Do you have projects you want to finish or need a set goal date for?  Maybe a UFO languishing in a box--you still love it but just haven't had the nudge to work on it!  This is what I see when I press--my shelves are directly in front of my ironing board--

Can you hear them?  They are yelling ''LET ME OUT--WORK ON ME NEXT!!!"  Do you have a project calling you??


Rainbow Scrappy Challenge Saturday

Saturday, November 7, 2015
Green!!  What's not to love about green??

A lime green center with black, mint green and black/green geometric print.  See everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Posts at SoScrappy.

I'm OCD.  Are you OCD?  I like to drink coffee from "my" coffee cup.

I will wash it if its dirty--coffee just doesn't taste the same from another cup.  I like the shape and the design.  I wish I had whole set of Corelle dishes in this pattern.  Bought a couple at Goodwill--they were just odd cups.  Ken thinks its terribly strange, but he adds sugar to his coffee, and nothing ruins my day faster than to be half awake, take a big swig of coffee and its SWEET!!!   Aaackkk!

Another lovely fall day.  I'm not sure what Ken has planned for today.  There is so much to do outside yet.  I'm waiting for a hard frost to mow/clean my flower beds.  

A few pictures from Halloween at Laura Beth's--

Maxwell as a Lion
Maxwell is always happy.  Laura Beth said if she'd had Maxwell first she might have wanted 20 kids!

Grandma had chair by door with reading material!
Are you ready for winter?  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, November 2, 2015
I took a class during the quilt show--

LeMoyne Stars without Y seams.  These are LITTLE stars.  Here is my complete project cut out--

Tiny pieces!  Not really "my thing" but I'd like to finish it just to say I CAN!  There are 12 stars, doll quilt size--20x25".  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals-

Finish Little LeMoyne Stars
Album Blocks
Quilt Milky Way
Work on a UFO

That will give me variety for the week.  I threw down the gauntlet on Stashbusters--my goal is 12 tops quilted by May 1st.  I only have four tops ready to quilt, that means I have to finish eight more projects!  YIKES!!  Anyone want to join me??

A few pictures from the weekend--

Lorri2Rs and I
 Lorri2rs and I attended the luncheon/trunk show together.
Me and Trail Mix

Quilting done with yard added
 I'm not sure how this quilting was done--but yard was added with the quilting.  It was lovely!
My purchases

I didn't spend much, about $20 on used books/magazines and 3 bags of scraps.  I feel bag that I didn't support the vendors but really saw nothing I needed. 
13 quilts on my wagon

When I submitted my entries I didn't think about how the quilts were going to get to the quilt show.  All needed to be gone over for threads and an identification label made and sewn on.  They all were nicely folded with the label on top.  They left piled on my wagon like an overloaded donkey!  The guild show is very well organized--set up and tear down went fast!  Hats off to the people organizing it!

This week is a catchup week, outside chores, etc.  The weather will be very nice for this time of year, I need to take advantage of it.


Rainbow Scrappy Saturday

Saturday, October 31, 2015
Did I say I liked brown?  Yes--another brown block--

I fussy cut the flower center from a scrap.  Please see everyone's Rainbow Scrappy Posts at SoScrappy.

Thursday I washed two quilts for the first time.  I used Shout color catchers just in case.  I didn't see any bleeding on the quilt but look at the color catchers--

The three on the left were from a brown quilt, and the two on the right were from a quilt with a purple border.  I never noticed the water containing any dye while washing.  

This week we finished harvest.  It was cold enough I needed the heat on.  But the knob to adjust the temp turns hard.  Too hard for me.  I used a more primitive form of temperature control--

When it was hot I propped the door open a little with my thermos, when it was cold I shut the door!

Liz asked me if I thought 10 years ago I would be able to sit in the combine and read my tablet while waiting. Nope!  I love technology--

My tablet(red cover) plugged in to charge.  Yes, I had TWO coffee cups.  I NEEDED two coffee cups!  Please overlook the dust, no dusting fairy was available.  

I will be at the guild quilt show this weekend.  Lorri2Rs and I are attending the luncheon and I have a class in the afternoon.  Friday I helped hang quilts.  The show is very well organized and it went quickly.  Hats off to the organizers!  


Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 26, 2015
Lozenge blocks are on my wall--

There are enough lozenges made to set 23x13--or 69x78" without borders.  They've been quite fun to make, especially since I already had the bricks cut.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

Quilt Milk Way (its waiting for inspiration--its loaded on the Princess)
Album blocks

Its going to be a busy week.  Quilt show Friday-Saturday-Sunday.  I'm taking a class and have all my tiny pieces cut and packed.  Still two quilts to get ready for the quilt show.  And there is the last of the corn to harvest.  On Sunday I played with album blocks--sorting and counting.

65 Album Blocks
65 blocks.  Think I need a few more purple and red and maybe a black block.  Yes, that will round the colors out quite nicely.  I'm still plotting what to add to next year's RSC.  A couple of new blocks may make the cut.  RSC fits in so well with my favorite quilts--SCRAPPY or MULTI FABRIC.  I'm looking forward to setting the blocks I have into tops.  IF I get all my RSC blocks into tops that makes five tops and brings my total of tops to quilt to ten.  I'm shooting for 12 by spring.  Will I make it?  I need to finish two more tops.  There are plenty of UFO block sets to finish.  

Scrappy is my favorite type of quilt to make--what's yours?  Do you have a favorite pattern or color?  Favorite size?