Stash Report and Some Pictures

Sunday, September 12, 2010
No fabric purchased this week, and no finishes.  I was sewing last night when I whapped Ken.  I finished the next round of red and white swap blocks.

And I made a practice block from Jay's scraps.

The block is called "Louisiana".  

I love applique.  The process raises my blood pressure.   But last night I pulled out a bit more of Jay's scraps, and made this block.

Yes, a Dresden plate.   It is machine pieced, but I did hand applique it to the muslin.  I still need to trim out the back and cut the extra dark blue away.  I spent FOUR HOURS making this.  Yes, I hand sewed the yellow center on too.  I wanted to make these for my next round of red/white blocks--but I may blow a gasket if I do!  (Oh Jay, do you have any more scraps, I'm to the bottom of your box!)

Summer is winding down at my volunteer job.  It has been absolutely gorgeous camping weather.  Spring and summer are the best time of year to camp here.  There were some visitors from Germany a couple of weeks ago.  Since I don't speak German, communication was limited.  But I know they started their trip in the state of Washington.  

I did understand that their camper was homemade.  It had license plates from Germany, so I assume it was shipped to a port in Washington.  I asked where they were headed and they said "East".  I asked where, and they said they weren't sure yet!  And they had a travel companion--

Yes, a "German" shepherd from Germany!



Tamera said...

I love it...a German Shepherd from Germany!

Tins and Treasures said...

Well, I certainly wouldn't mess with him!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Wonder what kind of gas mileage that German RV gets. Bet nothing stops it though. Seeing it makes me wonder if they heard our roads are really bad. LOL

Penny said...

Your blocks are lovely. You are getting back in the quilting groove. Welcome back.

Stephanie D said...

That block reminds me of those whirlygigs on a stick we used to get as kids.

I haven't done a Dresden plate in years, but have been thinking about doing something similar with some oriental fabrics I've been saving.

MightyMom said...

Love the Louisiana pinwheel!! Eeeee gads! A Dresden plate!