Monday Goals, Catching Up

Monday, April 4, 2011
Busy doing family things here.  And a geek issue, my laptop didn't *see* my memory card so I could download pictures.   But its working now.  Maybe there is cookie crumb or something where it doesn't belong.

First--stash report.  No changes.  That was easy!

In between I did some sewing.  I finished Block 10 of Beyond the Cherry Tree.

It was an easy block and I enjoyed it.  I have two more blocks ready to work on.

I wanted to try making a Scrappy Trip Around the World with one controlled color.  I had a bit of blue and used that.  (Isn't blue a neutral or something??!)  I took the pieces along to the hospital with me one evening while visiting my dad, I was to the 'picking the seams apart stage' and he was watching.  And eagle eyes caught me.  He noticed immediately when I picked the strips apart at the wrong place and asked "do you do that often?" 

Random color placement except for the blue.  I still have plenty of noodles!  


  1. Borders on one Scrappy Trip Around the World
  2. Work on Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks

My week with be busy with things other than quilting.   Last night I was catching up on blogs.  I'm still waiting for spring.  Yesterday was overcast, windy, cold and drizzled a while.  I am SO READY for spring.  Reading everyone's blogs, seeing their flowers, watching them plant in their gardens is hard!  

In between Ken and I took the camper to where I volunteer.  Its not totally set up, but its there.  Glad we took it when we did.  Just like last year, I missed the start of windy weather by ONE day.  



Vicki W said...

Your Dad is funny!

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, the wind has been howling here, too.

I like what you have done on your TAW blocks.

Brenda said...

I am glad to see you being busy....
now maybe I will catch on and get busy too!!

Paula said...

Love your scrappy quilt! :)

Mary-Kay said...

I hope it was a good cookie. You aren't the only one wishing forspring. It seems like there's a boat load of people wishing for it too. Where is it?

Kathie said...

that block doesn't look easy to me but it is very pretty.

Katie Z. said...

Love the applique... it makes me almost want to do a quilt like that!

I also really like the controlled color in the trip. I might have to try that too.

I've made it as close to you as Omaha twice in a week. Too bad there was no time for dawdling.

Suzanne said...

We get one warmish day, then back to wind/rain/snow. I like your trip around the World quilt...where did you find the pattern/instructions to do it so scrappy?

MightyMom said...

I like the blue in it. very nice.

just tell Dad that frog stitching is fun!

Susan said...

It's definitely spring here. Wish you were having it, and hope it comes soon to SD! I love block ten. I will have to do that next year. I like it way too much not to have one myself.