Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 24, 2013
I've been working on my Super Star blocks--

Lots of trimming and pressing.  This is a sew-a-long with Wedding Dress Blue--I'm really enjoying making these blocks.   I need 20 blocks and I have 7(??) finished.  Lots of "parts" made, all I have to do is trim and sew them together.  Please see everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--

  1. Finish one yoyo block
  2. 6 Super Stars
  3. Scrappy Rainbow Challenge blocks
  4. Bind a quilt

That's more than I'll get done this week.  I did work on my Scrappy Trips quilt while doing laundry, its now in two pieces--just one more seam and its a finished top.  

Remember the pink quilt?  My volunteer neighbors Sandy and John held it up so I could take a picture.  Its made with "Lover's Knot" blocks I won several years ago and a few more pink blocks from my block stash. 

Sandy and John holding the Pink Beauty

Yesterday morning I had the camper windows open and I could hear lots of giggling and laughing and running footsteps next door.  What could John and Sandy be doing??  Trying to take a photo of themselves outside their camper for their daughter!  John would set the timer on the camera and run back and fling himself in the lawn chair while Sandy laughed.  I have the best neighbors during the summer.

On Summer Solstice I usually sit outside my camper and see how long I can read before it gets too dark, but this year it was starting to rain so I read inside instead  We're having some rainy nights/early mornings and I hope it continues to rain all summer.  Everything is green and lush it keeps the lawn mowing people busy.  


Katie Z. said...

I'm so glad you're getting rain, as we certainly aren't. The cracks in the ground have opened up with surprising rapidity, and it hasn't been THAT long since rain! I hope you get rain all summer too!

Sara said...

I'm sure having great neighbors makes the summer even more fun. The pink quilt turned out really nice by mixing different blocks.

Nancy said...

Yes, nothing like a good rain shower in the PM to refreshen everything.

Love the blocks in Pink Beauty.

Kate said...

Your Super Star block looks great. Pink Beauty is a beauty.

Mary-Kay said...

A pink quilt! OMG!!! It looks great by the way. I know how much you love pink. Your neighbours sound like they are a lot of fun.