Motivation (not really) Friday

Friday, August 9, 2013
Its Friday again and nothing to show.  Nada.  Is it a summer slump?  Mostly I've just been busy.  This week Sandy and I attended the last concert in the park.  

The weather was perfect for the summer concerts--Tuesday's was gorgeous--70's, a slight breeze and no bugs!  They are held outside at the Riverside Park Amphitheater--a full crowd--the overflow brings lawn chairs.  Thank you Yankton Area Arts!

Tonight Ken and I are going to his class reunion.   Although I wanted to wear high heels (yes--I love high heels!) I know I might be doing a lot of standing, and instead I'm wearing these--

Black suede flip-flops decorated with YoYo's!  Toni thought of it and made the yoyos and buttons! Thank you Toni!

Sewing??  Well, I have made yoyos and worked on my binding--I have two sides done now.  But that's it.  I'm enjoying summer.  Next week is Riverboat Days and its going to be BUSY! 


Sara said...

Cute shoes! I am headed to Minnesota for a class reunion tomorrow. Yesterday and today I am babysitting. Maybe I will be too worn out to drive that far after getting up with the twins tonight.

Nancy said...

Love the yo-yos on your flip-flops - very clever!

I attended the last summer concert this week, too. I attended every one of them and liked all but one guest artist.

Went to a quilt show this afternoon - not many quilts displayed but lots of wall hangings and table runners.

Katie Z. said...

No bugs? I'll share some (or all) of ours!