Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Nothing finished, no fabric BOUGHT this week, so I'm still -28 yards! But when I got back to my "summer mailbox" it was stuffed full. Hey guys, no fair, I'm sending YOU fabric! Too funny! Thank you everyone! And since I didn't BUY this fabric--heehee--it's not going on my stash report!

I received a LOT of fabric from pdudgeon--in my favorite color--green! Thank you!! There were FQ's, nickels, and noodles! They are going to be saved for a "me" project!

And from Nancy--a "Quilt in a Box" Christmas wreath kit, a handmade washcloth with a bar of delicious smelling soap (I'm hungry--I think I'd rather eat it than use it!) a picture postcard that she herself took, and a cute bag to hold it all. Nancy, you must know on my "to do" list is a shelf around the top of my sewing room to hold all my precious items like this!

There were more packages I received earlier, but I have them at home already. I am sure my Nebraska mailman is wondering "who is this woman??!!"


Stephanie D. said...

How nice! Does Nancy live in Albuquerque? Because those look like local balloons!

Squishies are such fun to get!

MightyMom said...

ummm, I haven't sent you anything in awhile....sorry for falling behind!

pdudgeon said...

so glad you like them! will see if i can get something more out later this week.