Sunday with Mason

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Yesterday we went to New Ulm. Sidewalk crazy days so there were lots of things to look at. Toured Schell Brewery Gardens, two different weddings having their pictures taken there, it's beautiful. Mason is great fun, today grandpa was pulling him around the house in his new "wagon". The laundry basket!

Who says you have to have a fancy toy?? The other hot item to play with today---a wooden spoon. And grandma had to share her cheerios.

Life is good at this age, everyone shares!


SueR said...

Mason is just as cute as can be, and he's getting so big!

MightyMom said...

eat it up goes by fast!

Sweet P said...

Mason is one handsome dude! I refuse to pay a ton of money for toys. Wooden spoons, pots and pans and laundry baskets can make wonderful toys.

Stephanie D said...

Did he get a pan to go with that spoon? lol