Thursday Update

Thursday, March 3, 2011
Finished Block #7 of Beyond the Cherry Trees.  The yellow vase felt right to me.

I will embroider the stems on all the blocks at once.   And a Two Lips block---

With the fabrics Henrietta sent I should have enough to finish all the blocks.  Haven't chosen a setting yet.  When all the blocks are laid out it might spark something. 

The sun is shining and its not near as cold as its has been.  A weekend high--maybe 30F.  Starting Monday possibly snow again.  


Nancy said...

The blocks are great. Nice Job

MightyMom said...


Kathie said...

boy I bet all those little circles took forever to applique!! Great job.

Susan said...

I love the cherry trees. Yellow was a perfect choice. The Two Lips is cute. It's been spring here, but we have more rain and cold coming this weekend. Warmer than you, though, thank goodness!

Henrietta said...

Glad you like the scraps! My eyes crossed just trying to count the circles on your applique block. Doing that would drive me to drink.