Weekly Goals

Monday, March 14, 2011
Time to set goals.  

  1. Make 4 more Two Lips blocks
  2. Prep 2 more Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks
  3. Put borders on Scrappy Trip Around the World (after your feedback!)

An update on last week's goals.  Last week I wanted to make 5 Two Lips blocks.  Done.  One is from the previous week.

And finish a Beyond the Cherry Trees block.  I finished #6.

I think the colors are a bit insipid but its only one block in a big quilt.  I admit I didn't like making those flowers.  

I haven't decided on a border for the Scrappy Trip around the world.  I have laid several pieces on it--I wanted a brown, but a blue might be better.   

A brown, medium blue, lighter blue, medium blue, and a medium purple.  I think maybe an even darker blue with the brown for a wider second border---what do you think?? 




QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Definitely the med. blue on the left. It would look good as one wide border but if you want the quilt just a little bigger make it narrower and add the wide brown border.

Is it Spring yet in SD?? Kind of feels like it here.

Katie Z. said...

I am, of course, slightly partial to blue. I think the brown would blend a bit, but if there was a nice dark blue in between, it would probably be great!

pdudgeon said...

yep, i'm with Quiltin'LibraryLady on this one...good call!

Henrietta said...

I would go with a narrow white inner border to give some separation and reduce visual clutter then whatever turns you on.

Henrietta said...
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Susan said...

There is more brown than blue in the quilt, or it appears that way to my eyes, in the part I could see. I like the blue that pulls out those 3 darker blue squares. If brown, I'd want a darker one, but I think a small blue border and a wider brown border would be great, too.

Susan said...

btw, I wasn't as crazy about that block, either, but it could be partly the yellows. I'm not a big fan of yellow. So my only large rose bush is yellow, of course.