Friday Check In

Friday, July 8, 2011
A beautiful day in South Dakota.   85F, blue sunny skies with a soft breeze.  Henrietta and I have been sewing on various things.  

The Swoon blocks are addicting.  

Henrietta's Swoon blocks

Lori's Swoon blocks
Henrietta carefully chooses her fabrics for each block.  She may decide she doesn't like the block when its made and not use it.  I pick fabrics I like--make the block--and it better decide to "play well with others"!!  When we were road tripping on Tuesday, we did a bit of stash enhancement.  

Purchases on Tuesday
Henrietta has a joint project planned for the bundle of FQ's.   It was a free pattern received in the mail called "Summer At Mom's"  Soft pastels with lots of delicate flowers.  

I picked FQ's for more Swoon blocks--here they are paired up.

Swoon FQ's paired up
No rhyme or reason to the group--I just paired up fabrics I liked.  

We're running errands today and plan to sew more later.  Tomorrow we're heading to an auction, you never know what you might find.



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

The fun continues........

pdudgeon said...

ok, i've got the same quilt pattern, and have some very old (and very wonderful)Durham peach fabric from Windham saved for borders and backing to use in making it...but what is the fabric in that lovely FQ bundle that you found???? Clue me in, please, as i have yet to find the vast majority of perfect fabrics to use for this quilt!

Nancy said...

No matter what fabric is used, the Swoon blocks are gorgeous! Nice job

Stephanie D said...

Normally I'm not a blended quilt or pastels kind of gal, but I do like that Summer at Mom's!