Road Trip

Friday, July 15, 2011
Henrietta and I hit the road Monday.  Along the way we stopped at our favorite store.

Lots of treasures at this stop.  I'm always on the lookout for pyrex and corningware.

Three casserole dishes, four plates, and two small Fire King dishes.  For now these will go in the camper.  

Its been very hot and humid and I thought Shamus would enjoy a bath.

He's shy when he bathes, when the camera comes out he quits splashing!



Pokey said...

Oh, you have some nice finds!

pcflamingo said...

I love the Goodwill! In my family, any thrift store was known as "Mom's Favorite Store" because that's where she loved to shop. A real treat was to go to the big Goodwill in Seattle, with $1 to spend (OK, this was a long time ago)...

Unknown said...

Goodwill has the best stuff. You can always find neat things there.

Kathie said...

My DH loves to stop at Goodwill also. They only reason he didn't on a road trip yesterday was it was on the wrong side of the road!