Monday, April 23, 2012
Time for goals.  Hmmmm.   

  1. Sew picket fence units together
  2. Borders on Green Urban Cabin
  3. Work on a UFO
  4. Play a little!

Plaid 4 Patch is waiting for fabric for inner border and binding.  I haven't found enough of one fabric (2.5 yds)  I agree with the book that they should be the same or at least read the same---the quilt is very scrappy and needs that continuity to hold it together.  

I finished two UFO's and one of Henrietta's projects.  She lets me do the binding since I enjoy it!  

The Blue 25 in 25 is done.  6 yards of fabric was used.  

Blue 25 in 25

Lots of sun today to take pictures in.  It has a snuggly flannel back.  

I named this quilt "Mason and Me" since Mason helped me sew the blocks.  Every time I see it I have a "grandma moment" and want to drive to Minnesota.  

Mason and Me

This quilt was a challenge to photograph -- it is hung on a temporary line with Ken stretching to hold the middle up.   105" square.  I plan to put on the bed in the camper for the summer.   The pattern is called Anita's Arrowheads. Anita's tips on working with the bias edges etc were a great help.   What looks like a very time intensive block is a simple sew-cut-sew method.   She has a great book called "Rotary Cutting Revolution"  Mason and Me used 21 yards of stash.   And I used 2 yards of stash in Henrietta's Blue Swoon.  29 yards of stash used this week--WOOHOO!!!

We had some lovely rain last week--and today's weather was perfect.   Weed-N-Feed was spread on the lawn today.  Flower beds fertilized.  I'm hoping to plant in the garden and flower beds tomorrow.  


Pokey said...

Wow! These are both beauties, Lori! I know I told you I liked the blue checkerboard before, great choice on your swirl quilting, too. I like the Mason and Me one better than I thought I would (is it okay I said that?), it came together so nice (and what's not to love making a quilt with a grandchild!!). I've made some of those blocks, and taught them at my quilt class. Great finishes!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You got a lot done last week. Mason & Me turned out to be a BIG quilt, didn't it?

Katie Z. said...

Good work!

Sara said...

Mason & Me turned out gorgeous. Stash/scrappy quilts have so much personality. It always amazes me how all of the different colors eventually fit together so well.

marcella said...

Congratulations on two beautiful finishes!

Henrietta said...

Perfect quilt photographing setup! I have liked "Mason & Me" all the way along. Hung on Ken and the pergola it is quite simply stunning.

It is one of those quilts where you see a block and think "Oooh that one is my favorite" for about 30 seconds, until you see the next one.

I 'let' (beg, whine) Lori bind my quilts because compared to her hand stitching (fine, almost invisible) mine looks like it was done by a horse wearing shoes a size too big.

Mary-Kay said...

I love the Blue 25 in 25. My favourite colour! And the Mason and Me quilt is great too. I'm sure it will keep that grandchild by your side when you are using it.

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

What are you looking for in the blue? I have a lot of fabric and may be able to help.

Quilts are amazing.

Susan said...

Great to see what you've been doing and what your goals are for the near future. Love the beautiful weather you are having. Is it almost time to take that 5th wheel out again?

Becky said...

Two great looking quilts! Love your Mason & Me. Have a great Sunday!