Its a Beautiful Morning

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Beautiful weather today--reminds me of the song from the 1953 movie  "Oklahoma".  A dab of rain yesterday and last night--just enough to wet the grass and freshen the air.  Today is bright sunshine and nary a breeze.

No goals posted this week, I've been very lazy.  I did sew a backing for a top while I was home.   Cut fabric for Rainbow Scrap Challenge--this month's color is orange--and I love orange!  I have sewn enough blocks for my Merry-Go-Round quilt, next step is laying them out.  More circles cut for yo-yos--remember--I said I was OUT of fabric (at the camper?)  Enough for 200+  yo-yos from my scrap box and odd bits of yardage.  

I've made hundreds of yo-yos while sitting in the recliner listening to the TV.  Over 100 in the last week.  I watch mostly History, Science, PBS, Documentary programming.  Once in a while I find a Quilt Program--or my favorite--BRIT COMS!   

Karla saw this butterfly outside and brought it inside to take pictures--at first we thought it was  a moth--but its really a Question Mark Butterfly---

resting on Karla's hand
With its wings folded up it looks like a dried leaf!  During the summer both sides of the wings are brown.  But in the fall--the other side of the wings look like this--

image from internet
Butterflies undergo a metamorphosis when they change from caterpillar to winged butterfly.  Karla does that too--from this--

to this--


Sara said...

The butterfly was so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Our beautiful morning today started out very foggy. I drove a friend to Sioux Falls to the airport about 5:30 this morning and it was very foggy.

Henrietta said...

LOVE Karla's metamorphosis, LOL

Anonymous said...

Beautiful butterfly. Paul used to find things like that for me, but now I depend on others. =) That's a heck of a lot of yo-yos!