Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, June 17, 2013
Last night I played with the green Rainbow Scrappy blocks.  These are double nine patch blocks using my 30's stash.  I saw the vintage quilt in a magazine from 2004.  

I can't remember which month was green--but now mine are done!  The Rainbow Scrappy challenge is a perfect way to use my 30's stash.  I'm not "in love" with 30's anymore--but by year end there will be enough blocks for two quilts.  Please see everyone's design wall at Patchwork Times.

A few weeks ago Pat and I visited a small quilt show.  Here are a few pictures from that day---

Deep colors and a simple pattern

I think this was a free pattern maybe at AllPeopleQuilt??
Small but adorable!
Olivia the Pig Panel

Olivia the Pig Panel was my favorite!  A simple panel but the quilting was perfect.  McTavishing, echo quilting, outlining--lots of work on this piece. 

Last week a "mystery man" drilled holes in my picnic tables by my camper so I could put up my umbrellas.   He wouldn't let me show his face--he's worried that the government will be unhappy that he "defaced federal property".   Thank you Mystery Man--the umbrellas really shade the table and won't fall over now.

Mystery Man Drilling Holes
We had another snake at the Visitor Center.  This one was found by the employee lockers--LOL!!  

Karla and Baby Bull snake
After showing him to everyone--Karla released him in the woods outside.  Bull snakes are non-venomous--their defense is to vibrate their tail imitating a rattlesnake.   We wanted to keep him in our empty aquarium but he was able to climb out of a tall bucket--so maybe not!  

While at a birthday party someone folded their used napkin neatly to throw it away.  

OCD Perhaps??
I think we ALL have OCD tendencies--mine is just not neatness!

Friday was Flag Day.  Jeff put in posts by all the volunteers campers so we could display our flags.

I love being able to put my flag out.  Thank you Ranger Jeff and the Corps! 

And my next door neighbors had grandchildren visiting them.  What is it with little boys and big sticks?

Watching them was the best entertainment.  

Yesterday Toni, Eddie, Ken and I went to an auction.  An elderly lady's auction, I think she had moved to an assisted living facility.  We had no plans to buy anything--but there are always some "treasures" to be found.  We bought some Fire King and some Pyrex, a few pots and pans, and enamelware.  But I had my eye on something else I had seen.  

Meet Irene the 401a!!!  She needed dusting and oiling--but she sews perfectly!  Her cabinet is worn--she's probably worked hard all her life.  She came with all her bits and her original manual.  Best of all--she only cost $5!! 

Weekly Goals
  1. One yoyo block
  2. more Rainbow Scrappy blocks
  3. Super Star blocks sewn into sections
  4. Bind one quilt
Those goals will keep me busy.  Its beautiful weather today--I think I will bake something.  How was your week??


Katie Z. said...

Those are some beautiful greens! Good work!

Sara said...

The Singer 401a was my very first sewing machine. My parents bought me a used one for my high school graduation gift. It did sew great, but I wore it out after many years.

Love those green blocks!

Rhonda said...

I love your assorted green blocks and what a fantastic purchase....$5 bucks for a wonderful Singer!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Great old machine!

Nancy said...

Irene has found a great home - Enjoy!

Pokey said...

I like you new/old machine, and those vintage green blocks look like a fun project, too ~

Nann said...

Did you know that Irene means "peace"? Just one letter and you get piece....which you will enjoy doing on your new machine! Congratulations on finding a treasure.

Vic in NH said...

How wonderful that you rescued that machine, great find! And your green blocks are so beautifully made, good job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, Lori! $5???? That was a steal!