Motivation Friday

Friday, July 12, 2013
How did I do on my goals this week??

  1. Finish a yoyo block--no
  2. bind one quilt--no
  3. More Rainbow Scrappy blocks--no

Did I do anything this week??!!

I trimmed these blocks--

90+ blocks trimmed
These are from last year's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  They finish about 7.5"--I'm going to lay them out and see if I need more.   Maybe a 8x11 layout??

A little work on binding and yoyos but no finishes.

This month the Rainbow Scrappy color is Teal.  There are no "teal" fabrics in my 30's box.  I'll just work on the one's I haven't finished yet.

Ken and Ruby came for a visit.  Ruby is always afraid Ken will leave her.

She's learned he can't leave until he puts his shoes on, and if she's laying on them he can't sneak away.   If he's just sleeping she lays under the front of the recliner--

But then the thunder and lightning and rain came--and Ruby went to her favorite hiding spot--

Under the table!

A few days ago the maintenance guys came to fix a leak at the Visitor Center.  The outside of the VC is concrete and the drain pipes for the roof are inside the wall.   They needed to cut a hole in the wall to repair the leak.  The leak was in the theater--and they thought it would be an easy fix--the movie screen would cover the hole while they were working on it.  "Ummm--what screen?" I asked.  No screen--just a white wall!  Luckily the hole was quite low and easily fixed.  

Men at Work
If you are wondering why there are 3 guys its not a "Tax Dollars at Work" picture.  One guy on the roof to make sure they had the right pipe, one guy reading the blueprint, (let's not cut the hole in the wrong spot!) and one man measuring.  Luckily the leak was at the bottom of the pipe (no one knew WHERE on the pipe the leak was) and the plan was to start at the bottom and keep enlarging the hole up until they found it.  Then two guys went on to other projects leaving just one to fix the leak and patch the hole. 

Its hot and the air conditioner is running like crazy.  Tomorrow I volunteer.  What's been happening at your house??



Nancy said...

Love those blocks

One of the farm dogs was terrified when thunder rumbled. Ruby is lucky to have caring owners.

Sara said...

Too hot to play golf (for me anyway), so I just worked and sewed. Both tasks didn't require any time spent outside. Our cat gets pretty nervous when it storms too. He wants to lay very close to who ever is home.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Ruby found the best spot. Some of those SD storms ARE scary! At least in the west. =) Looks like you are moving toward a finish on those blocks from last year - I like 8 x 11. =)

I'm in Charlotte, visiting for the weekend.