Motivation Friday

Friday, September 11, 2015
Yes, some sewing is being done this week.  Six blocks should be done by Saturday.  But first I had to find my KEYS!!

How could I misplace such a large set of keys?  I do it regularly even though I have a dedicated hook to put them on.  

Visitor traffic has slowed at the Visitor Center.  Sometimes we have time for this--

Cecely and I are fans of microwave popcorn.  I bought a big box (44 bags) at Costco, about $.25 a bag.  Cecely likes to put M&M's in her bowl--sweet'n'salty.  

The weather is beautiful, warm days and cool nights.  I hate to see summer end.  



Tired Teacher said...

I bought the same box of popcorn at Costco when I was in Denver. It's yummy!