Rainbow Scrappy Saturday Orange

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Did I tell you I liked orange?  Yes, love it--four more orange blocks--

Please see everyone's orange posts at SoScrappy!

I've been checking my blocks totals.

60 Rainbow Scrappy Album Blocks--enough for two quilts
17 Red/White/Blue Album blocks--need to make more
17 Rainbow Scrappy Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks--need 20
14 Red/White/Blue Monkey Wrench/9 Patch blocks--need 20

More work to be done with Red/White/Blue blocks.  I may split my Album blocks up and make an album quilt featuring green, I'm not sure yet.  I'm not tired of making album blocks, but I am tired of some of the fabrics in my 2.5" squares box.  I'm sewing them into strips of 4 to be made into 16 patch blocks for a couple of projects I've been thinking about.  Wonderful mindless sewing--I love it! 

Friday was rainy and chilly.  I stayed in the camper and made French dip sandwiches in the crock pot using Laura Beth's recipe.  YUM!!  Thank you Laura Beth!!

My sandwich was half eaten before I remembered to take a pic.  A bowl is the best way to eat it, the bread can sop up all the delicious juices.  

Orange Creamsickle fudge has been on my mind.  Lorri2Rs makes it and its delicious.  My first efforts were grainy/sugary so I recooked it using more cream and patience.  The "cream" part was gone so I decided to add a chocolate ganache swirled in the orange.  

Hmmm, tasted pretty good, its in the car cooling.  I'll share it with Cecely tomorrow at the Visitor Center.  

Fabric came in the mail this week.  A planned start, the pattern has been on my bucket list for a while.  "Sunny Squares" was in McCalls Quilting July/August 2015.  

Although this quilt is made using batiks, I am using my 2.5" squares.  But the orange/golds were so pretty I ordered some solids to use.  Their placement of fabrics is NOT random, the same 16 fabrics are in the same position in all the blocks. Can you see them?   Mine will not be!  I have a couple of projects that will use 16 patch groups and I can hardly wait to start!

Tomorrow there will be no electricity ANYWHERE on Gavins Point Project (well, except in the powerhouse itself).  A switchover with a transformer (being replaced after 58 years) requires everything be disconnected.  The dam is still producing power and everyone else in the area has power--its just our small portion that will be off.  A generator will be brought in to power us while work is being done, but the initial work is done "in the dark".  I have all my extra batteries charged, its only going to be six hours (6am-noon).  I can still make fresh coffee (propane stove) but I better make sure all my laundry is dry and my hair washed/straightened tonight.  There will still be water (and I can use propane water heater) and my fridge can run on propane so it will be inconvenient but that's it.  The visitor center will be dark too, we can organize/sort/answer the phone etc.  The building has huge overhead windows so although it won't be bright light it won't be dark. 

I'm planning to sew on Sunday, so we better have electricity by then!  


LA Paylor said...

no power? I hate when the power goes off here. We live in the greater DC area of MD and the doggone power goes off at least every other month! Sheesh. At least you have warning. LeeAnna

Kate said...

I love your Album blocks. An Album block quilt is on my bucket list. Hope all goes well with the transformer replacement and you get to stitch a lot on Sunday.

Tired Teacher said...

I suppose the colors are all in the same position because they made it with strip sets, but I'd like a scrappy version better. I do like the pattern, though, very attractive.

Great job on all the album blocks. I haven't tired of making them either, and I have many more prepped and ready to sew.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

You have certainly made a large amount of blocks over time...love the album blocks and then there's the food. Yum. Looks delicious!

scraphappy said...

Now is a great time to start the inventory. Sounds like you have accomplished quite a lot.

Sara said...

Good thing you are so well organized and prepared for that power outage - and for your quilting plans. I am impressed!

Enjoy these last weeks of time at the visitor center before the cold weather arrives.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Let's hope the power is back on Sunday so you can get busy on your NEW quilt!! enJoy!

Angie said...

I never get tired of seeing all the different fabrics quilters use in their album blocks. Yours look great! Hope the power is back on by now!

PaulaB quilts said...

Your Blocks are so lively, and they seem to have little bits of nature in them, like twigs or leaves, etc.
glad to hear you are doing the new quilt your own way. It will really show your creativity. Lovely colors.

Katie Z. said...

Your blocks are beautiful.

Ooh, no power? The last time our power went out, I really enjoyed it because it meant I didn't need to do laundry, cook, wash dishes, sweep, etc.

Sheila said...

58 years is a long time, so I guess it's time for repairs.
The blocks are beautiful. The quilt is awesome. Love those colors. I can see why you want to make one.
Yummy looking food picture : )

Magpie Sue said...

How did the power outage go? Hopefully it was short and sweet. I love orange too. Because I love it so much I haven't been able to make many blocks for the RSC this month. I can't bear to use scraps I might want to have in a quilt I haven't planned yet!