Design Wall Monday

Monday, June 1, 2009
My design wall doesn't look too bad at the moment, only one layer on it!

There are 87 9 patches, a few spare 4 patches, some bits and pieces to a set of swap blocks, a lone blue star block, a newspaper article, instructions on how to make endless binding. A little wall plaque from a friend.

My wall is made of Styrofoam insulation board and is about 8x8 ft. 1 1/2" thick, I can stick pins in it to hold my blocks up.


MightyMom said...

hmm that's cool.

I don't use a design wall

pdudgeon said...

i like the stuff on your wall, Lori. Looks like progress is being made.

Sarah said...

Hi, Lori! I like your idea for the design wall and being able to use pins to tack the blocks to the wall. I also love the various different colors in your 9-patches....hopefully your stash is being used up! :-) ~Sarah

Brenda said...

well, look at that design wall!! After having not been sewing for - it feels like months!!! Your wall, is making me want to go play in my room!!!
I like what you are doing.... hmmmm, do I feel another project idea stirring in my little brain??? I hope not!! I have enough going on in there!!!