Monday Goals

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life is cutting into my sewing time. While Ken was staying with me, the transmission went out on our pickup! Grrr! But although an inconvenience, it could be worse. We didn't have an accident, we weren't stuck along the side of the road in 100+ temps, we didn't have a load of horses in a trailer, or the camper hooked to the truck. He had gone on an errand, noticed the pickup wasn't shifting right, and came back. So we checked out all the transmission places in Yankton, and didn't know anything about them. Sigh Then checked my AARP Motor plan--yes, we could have it towed to the place in Mitchell SD where we've had transmission work done before (that's all they do) so called the tow truck and away went our truck, with us following. This place gives you a free loaner car, so I had to drive Ken there to get it. Now this is all on a Sunday, so that was great service to me! Ken is now driving a Ford minivan--somehow he just doesn't look like a minivan man to me!

So while I was driving this way, I stopped at home to do laundry. I planned on staying in Yankton and just stopping at the laundromat there, but since I had to drive by my house anyway, I threw in a couple of loads.

But goals--what can I make for this week?

  1. Work on the D9P blocks
  2. Work on Bricks and Stepping Stones blocks

I also have the Corps of Engineers picnic this week. They have a wonderful picnic, they supply the food (this year it's chicken and other goodies) and we supply the appetizers and desserts. Ken will be coming down, it's on his days off, and he ADORES chicken!!

I am looking longingly at Alycia's Not So Top Secret #2 blocks, I would love to have time to sew on them, but can't at the moment. Soon! Alycia--I have all the 16 patches made, and my cream strips cut!

I am driving back to Yankton yet tonight (Sunday) as I am expecting UPS to deliver some medical supplies to me, and they have never been where I am before. I wanted them mailed TO MY NEW MAILBOX, but alas, the company was sending them UPS! Hey, I wanted to try it out. If any of you receive post cards from me, you'll know why! I hope you're all having a great summer, MightyMom--stay out of the water!!


Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, life certainly cuts into my crafting time too! lol
You are smart to put some goals in writing so we can all keep you accountable. Happy Monday ~Natalie

MightyMom said...

fear not!

water gets changed daily!

Stephanie D said...

Yum! Official picnic--and chicken!

A minivan, huh? I guess they don't have old beat up trucks to loan. lol