Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Hey Dad--Happy Father's Day!! I saw lots of fathers with kids in tow, or kids with fathers in tow today! It rained early in the morning and was overcast, but then cleared off to a beautiful sunshiny day. It was overcast early this morning, but they had all the gates on the dam open but #14, so I snapped a quick picture on my walk to work--

Where I volunteer has several college students as summer hires--Dustin is a new one this year. He was working on looking professional, so I took his picture. He is a history major, I think he has a brain that sucks up facts and dates like a sponge! He is VERY good with the public!

And Sheree is having a give-away on her blog for a box of scraps, none of you enter as I would LOVE to win it! (I'm kidding, be sure to stop and see her blog!)

Oh, and stash report, nothing in, nothing out--no sewing done ALL WEEK!! Arrrrgghhh! I'm having withdrawal! Maybe some *SEX* would help!


Tins and Treasures said...

It looks beautiful there. It rained all day here. Thanks for sharing the link. I love to visit new blogs! Happy first day of summer. ~Natalie

MightyMom said...

where's HIS bright red vest?????

don't worry, plenty of stash coming your way.

Mary-Kay said...

I want the box of stash. Just kidding, like I need more fabric. But if you win it be sure to include in it your stash report.Ha, ha, ha. And this "SEX" that you are talking about, is that the stash enhancing experience kind or what?

Stephanie D said...

I'm glad Mary Kay said it first, because I was having doubts. 8^)