Sunday Catch Up-State of the Stash

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Blogger is not playing nicely.  Lost my first post.

My life has been taken over by harvest.   I am thinking about making another pan of jumbo size rice krispie bars.   The ones that use 12 cups of cereal to a pan.  Why??  They're easy.  Pack well in field lunches.  Don't require a fork or plate to eat them.  No refrigeration.  And, I have 3 jumbo bags of cereal.  Yeah, I know.  Overkill. 

To keep my sanity I have been practicing applique.  Different shapes.  Some day I may even incorporate applique into a quilt.  I like making vines and leaves, so a quilt with a bit of that winding in a border may work.  Here are a few I'm worked on lately---

The bottom block needs a flower at the bottom.  Jay, recognize the blue polka dots?  I think it was a pocket in its former life!  I wasn't able to attend Jay's Heartstrings Sew In on Saturday.  I thought about them all day!  Jay and Julia--I plan to see you later on, a trip south (Nebraska!)  So Jay, save those scraps, it's hard for me to find quilting mojo without them.  

State of my stash?  Hmm--best figuring I'm about even for the year.  I'm happy.  My blogging and sewing have all been slowed by my body.  Carpal tunnel and arm/shoulder problems.  Aging body and all that!  I'm catching up on blogs, I'm reading but not commenting much--blank brain! 

And before I forget--Happy Birthday to my sister Kathy!!


Jay in Nebraska said...

It was a pocket more than likely, I recognize that as my Granma's duster. LOL I cut them up and made a Star Quilt with them, and a Quilt of Valor Julia has now.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Yeah, that aging body thing I could do without!!! There are days, like last night & today when every joint & muscle in my body aches. I think I'll order some elk antler velvet capsules. A friend's DH has been taking them for a really bad ankle & she says he hasn't complained of pain since shortly after he started taking them. They sound like voodoo or something, but hey, if they work.....

MightyMom said...

ooooo I love those RK treats!! are you gonna make the kind with chocolate and peanutbutter??