Weekly Goals

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I had one goal last week, bind the pink/yellow quilt.  Made it!

I know, not the best picture.  That's what happens when you rush.  This is one of Henrietta's quilts.  Done Henrietta!!  

Missed the Sunday Stash Report--but I can report 3 yards in.  2 yards of background shirting fabric, and 1 yard of fabric with dots.  I wanted some polka dots!  And I've already cut into the shirting fabric--

I use mostly solids as background, and know I should have more variety.  Another sample block.  I didn't like making this block, it will be the only one.  But good practice.  Found a few more scraps from Jay, and made another twirling tulip--

Recognize that yellow Jay?  I know it came in one of your boxes.  

The first round of the red & white swap arrived.  

I haven't any setting/finishing plans for these blocks, I will wait until I have them all. 

Harvest is here, I have lots of hats to wear.   Cook.  Combine operator.  Parts runner.  Mechanic.  I'm not much of a mechanic--I just keep track of nuts and bolts and all those little pieces.  You know--those pieces you have left over when you're done, and wonder why!  

Remember "I love my digital camera"?  Last week Ken was describing to the parts person what part he needed.   I KNEW that poor parts person had no idea what he wanted.   I wasn't sure, and I had the part in front of me!  Yes, he was VERY confusing.  And then the light came on---"take a picture so they can SEE the part!"  

Yes, I had my camera with me, never know when you might see something blog worthy.  The parts person just looked at it and said "oh, you have THAT one."   Whew!  



Stephanie D said...

Aha! A former Girl Scout! Be Prepared!

Wait. That was boy scouts.

Aha! A MOM!!!

Jay in Nebraska said...

I love, love, love Henrietta's quilt! I can have it? LOL...and I do remember the yellow Lori, I have a whole quilt backed with that!

Tamera said...

he he he...gotta LOVE the parts guys!

Nancy said...

I can't begin to tell you how many times I made a flying trip to town for parts and got the wrong thing and had to make another run before the place closed. I learned to have my brother show me the part on the machine, if possible. I wrote down the model of the equipment and any numbers that I could possibly find. Once or twice, I had to ask the parts guy for the manual so I could show him where the part was located. How I wish I had a digital camera in those days.

Henrietta said...

It looks a lot brighter than it is, the red is a raspberry puree color and the other fabrics are from a Moda collection a couple of years ago.

Jay, it is a little quilt, 42 x 54 I think, baby size and you ain't no baby honey even if you are quite a babe.

Ladies this is the kind of man you want to hug and he gives such good hugs you have to retrain yourself from going back for more.

Unknown said...

Where would we be without the parts guys?

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Just love Henrietta's quilt. I may just have been inspired to make a quilt using pinks & yellow.

I've been known to take pictures of the guts of computers when I have to change a power supply. My poor old brain needs a little help remembering where all those wires should hook up to.

Tanya said...

You never know when a digital camera is going to come in handy! That's why I always carry mine too! Good for you.

JuJu said...

Hey ... I got on of those Jay hugs last Saturday!!! Poor guy, he has more Mom's than he knows what to do with!! LOLOL

Lori ... Fred takes pictures of parts regualarly ... when the parts company is in Germany, you darn well want the right part coming in!! See ya soon!

MightyMom said...

oo I like the little purple flower!!

but I'll bet it wasn't fun to applique.

good job on all you've accomplished