Count Down to Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Is everyone counting down to Christmas?  Today I mixed up 3 batches of cookies.  Tomorrow my sister Kathy is coming over, we will bake those last batches, make popcorn balls and haystacks.  A list of foods for family is prepared, the ingredients bought.  I will wrap a few presents tomorrow.  

I've been working on the "A" thing.  There are 27 Two Lips blocks completed.  I have pieces ready for more.  

If you look closely, I made a block using my Japanese Royalty fabric.  I need to use more pastels in them.  This was the year to "get out of the rut".  Maybe not the way I had planned, but doing the "A" word is DEFINITELY getting out of my rut!  The pattern calls for 56 blocks, I'm almost half way.

An internet friend loaned me a book and encouraged me in the "A" word.  This block is called "Blueberries"--thank you Mary Ann!  

Don't look too closely, the little circles aren't perfectly round.  I've never seen berries grow perfect either.  In 150 years or so no one will care!

I'm off to charge my camera battery!  Don't forget to have your camera ready to go!  



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I keep wanting to call that quilt "Kissy Face." LOL

Good reminder about the camera batteries....I'm on my way to plug in my charger & get a set charged up.

Merry Christmas!!

Katie Z. said...

Very cute.

Nancy said...

Great job on all the blocks.

I haven't mixed one batch of cookies yet. I suppose I had better get busy.

Vicki W said...

Doing a little A is fun, isn't it?

MightyMom said...

you're just marching right along with your As!!!!

looking good!

Merry Christmas my dear friend!
enjoy your family this week!

Stephanie D said...

Looking good, Lori! Gotta pick me out some goals for next year, too!