Monday Goals--Year in Review

Monday, December 27, 2010
Have you been thinking about goals for next year?  I have!  There are several sets of blocks not finished into tops.  Using half of them will be a goal.   My stack of tops to be quilted is now two stacks, quilting half of them is a goal.  I have a new "A" word project.  It's called "Beyond the Cherry Tree".   A reproduction using up some of my reds and greens!

Making half the blocks in that is a goal.  Why only half?   If I say I want to finish ALL my tops, its feels very overwhelming.  Why do I want to "get rid of" things I enjoy?  Although I love to finish things, sometimes its the process that I enjoy the most.  There will be finishes, I just won't obsess about them.

I plan to continue participating in block lottos, block swaps, and block making as a group. Donation quilts.  A few I SPY D9P quilts to donate using fabric given to me are planned.  I enjoy these.

Stash reporting.   It's a very useful tool to me.  I love to read everyone's reports.  I see so many different ideas and learn so much from everyone.  Lately family has kept me busy and I haven't had much time to read and comment.  That's a goal for next year too!  

My goals this week--enjoy life, quilt when possible, and plan for next year!



Tamera said...

Looks like you have some great goals.

Like you, I'm not making any big radical plans for this next year, but I sure am planning on sewing lots this year.

Nancy said...

No big plans for 2011 for me either. I hope to finish a project that has been in the works for 20+ years, but that is my only BIG goal.

I like your goals for this week. They are realistic and lovely.

Paula, the quilter said...

I do not have big radical plans, either. OTOH, I have a largish UFO/WIP list that I am going to whittle down. It is strange, but I do not have completed quilt tops hanging around. Once they are to that stage, they get quilted quickly. But before that stage, o my! there are lots.

Kathie said...

still working on my goals but they are not going to be project specific. they are going to be like use up some of the panels I have laying around, use up my old fabric etc.

Katie Z. said...

How beautiful!

Brenda said...

I have not been very produtive this year - and I also didn't sew for about 6 months so...... that being said, this year, I have made 'life' plans!! I have already written on my calender to sew 20- min. a day like I did in 2009!! It really got me sewing and having fun! Also, I have joined Myra's challenge to finish off those UFO's that seem to just hang around. I committed to 4 - but looking at my list of things on the go, I could say 20!!!
And yes, do not overwhelm yourself!!! If I did that, nothing would be done. (I think that is why I didn't sew for so long.....)
Here is to a Wounderful New year!!! and to enjoying what we do when we let our creative self out to play!!!