Monday Checking In

Monday, May 9, 2011
Today is more like spring.  76F, windy, and possible thunderstorms later on.   It was so cold one night last week my water hose froze!  Spring has been so late, we probably will jump right into summer. 

There wasn't much sewing last week.  A few pieces sewn on my Cherry Tree blocks.   

  1. Applique on Cherry Tree blocks
  2. Plan Blue/White swap blocks
  3. Sew on a UFO
Ken is waiting for fertilizer, so farm work is the usually "hurry up and wait".  

Mother's Day Ken and I drove to Sioux Falls, ate lunch, did a bit of shopping.  I stash enhanced--10 yards worth.  

The piece on the left is a green print.  The others are blues or lights/blues.  I will use them in my blue/white swap blocks.  I found some blue/white Jacob's ladder UFO blocks.  There aren't enough to make a quilt (I won them in a block lotto, I think) so I can use the blues to make a few more. 

10 yards in this week
24.75 yards In YTD
10.25 yards Out YTD
Stash Increased by 14.5 yards

A sample block---

I'm not sure about this block.  It's OK, just a bit "blah".   I have a few more star patterns I can try.  



Katie Z. said...

Love the fabrics. My fav, of course, is on the right!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

The blue polka dot looks BRIGHT. Should add a spark to just about any quilt.

Was 95 degrees here yesterday. We're not ready for this. Early last week it froze.

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Can't wait to see the applique..I love it. I'm with Katie Z I like the fabric on the right.


Elaine Adair said...

Just butting in here - on that star that you say is "blah" - on the diagonal corners, make them another color. When you set them together, you'll have a whole new look. (you probaly already thought of this but just in case) 8-))