Another Beautiful Monday

Monday, September 19, 2011
The sun is shining and the temp to be in the 70's today.  Another beautiful Monday.

I remembered to take pictures of the most recent "auction treasures" Ken bought.   I love old enamelware, and he bought a whole box full a few weeks ago.  

A covered deep square pan (reminds me of a refrigerator drawer) a larger rectangular pan, an 8x11 baking pan, a covered pot with lid.  A large mixing bowl.  My favorites--a pitcher, a covered pan with fruit decals, a colander and a drinking ladle.  One stray lid.  

This pan is a favorite-the colorful decals are so cheery.  Some of these will go on my "treasures" shelf, and I know I will use all of them.  

And I have been sewing.  Last week I worked on the blue Jacob's ladder blocks.  The Sister's Choice blocks.  A blue/white Irish Chain.  "Mason's brother" quilt.  That means I worked on three UFO's.   None are close to a finish--but they are getting there!

I have another round of the blue/white swap in a few weeks.  I made this sample block--do you like it??

I like that the outer tips of the pinwheels point into the white hourglass portion of the block--they look like they're floating.  Most blocks made in this pattern are turned 45° and there are flying geese instead of the hour glass blocks.  Its a rather bright blue with white polka dots--I may try making another one in a softer blue.  I not sure everyone shares my love of bright "poke your eye out" colors.

This weekend Laura Beth, Nick, and Mason are coming to visit.  I promised Mason we'd make cookies together.   


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

The pot with the red trim reminds me of my Mom's soup pot.

It IS a beautiful Monday. I could stand weather like this until Christmas.

Sewing is slow here. Have the RRCB blocks done and trimmed. Just need a good sized block of time to lay them out & get the top put together.

Julianne said...

I like the block, You have been busy. Stitching away. The weather is nice here right now to. Almost makes it hard to stay in and sew.

Sara said...

I especially like the pinwheel section in this block. Blue and white is such a pure looking color combination. Love it.

MightyMom said...

it's bright, no doubt! I like it though. never would used polka dots myself.

looks cool

Suzanne said...

Great sale finds! I like the quilt block too.

smiledarlin said...

I too am an avid admirer of the enamelware- we grew up a family of 6 kids & each had a different colored drinking mug, that was when I fell in love with it. I still like to drink from the mugs and even have a few plates I use. GREAT FINDS in that box!
Love the quilt block.

Henrietta said...

Very pretty block! Love the enamel ware. Sigh