I Had A Coupon.......

Monday, September 5, 2011
Don't you just love having a coupon??  Me too!!  On the way to Mankato to visit Laura Beth and family, Ken obliged by stopping at my favorite fabric store.  And---it was 50% off everything that wasn't already on sale--with a coupon!   I thought I had read about Judy suggesting stash enhancement but I was wrong and Katie said it was using stash and setting goals.  Oh drat---too late!!  I didn't dig out the slip to add the totals, but its a "fair dab" of fabric.  I need more blues for a project.

A "fair dab" of fabric

We're in Minnesota for Mason's 3rd birthday.   
Mason blowing out candles

 Mason with punked up hair and Laura Beth.   

Next Mason showed me a new game at their house--

Yes, Mason is getting a baby brother in December!  New quilts are needed.  The only sewing I've done this weekend is hem five pair of pants for Laura Beth.  But, I did buy a new book--

Tomorrow we'd heading home.  I'll read the book and plan on the way. 


Sue H said...

Wow, new fabric, a quilt book to read, and a new baby sister/brother for Mason! Life is good -- and congrats to all.

Kathie said...

Everyone needs to enhance once in awhile.

Nancy said...

Wonderful news about the new addition to your family. Congratulations.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Enhancing is good. Coupons are good. Sales are even better. Yummy fabric!

My goodness, Mason is three already? Seems like yesterday he was just a baby. Bet you're looking forward to snuggling that new grandbaby.

Just about ready to head home from herding grandchildren for the weekend. Got them off to school and Mom & Dad will be home later today so I'm off to can tomatoes.

Elaine Adair said...

Cute little Mason with his tummy!

Henrietta said...

He isn't a baby anymore!

Katie Z. said...

Hey, I never said I wasn't planning on buying later this year too... I'm just going to finish a few things!

Mason is 3? What? Where have I been?

Congrats on another grandbaby!!!

Mary-Kay said...

Congratulations again! Your Mason is such a cutie. I'm sure he'll just love his new brother.

Mary Johnson said...

Congratulations! I looked at the photo of Mason and Laura Beth and thought she might be looking pregnant...of course hopefully she's far enough along to show because I wouldnt want to suggest she looks pregnant if she's not showing yet!!

Stephanie D said...

So hard to believe Mason is already 3 years old! And now time for a sibling. Will Laura Beth continue to work full time? Congratulations!

MightyMom said...


I love those little blue trains!!

a fair dab of fabric??? noted. more like a big splash!! :-)

have fun.