Design Wall and Goals

Monday, October 24, 2011
Last night I played with Petey's blocks and I think this is the final layout.

The white diagonals look rather bare, but they will be filled in with leaves and rick rack vines.

Last weeks goals--I did make more Petey blocks.   I didn't sew Henrietta's binding down.  I worked a bit on the 4 patches.  Next week's goals will be--

  1. sew the binding down
  2. set Petey blocks into a top
  3. work on Secret Santa gift

Yes, its already time to be thinking of Christmas.   I love Secret Santa swaps.  I love the planning and picking a gift for someone else--especially another quilter!  How could I go wrong????!!!!

I loaded another quilt on the long arm (one of Henrietta's).   I like having a top ready to go for when I've got the time.

Harvest is moving along, hopefully we will be done by the end of the week.  I still plan to volunteer this week.  The weather was beautiful yesterday--70F--and although it is cooler today--its still very pleasant.  I know cooler weather is coming--but I'm soaking up all this I can. 

Harvest is moving along--we don't have that much left--if we don't have more flat tires or broken chains.   Those endless fix-it instances that occur during harvest.  



Ellen said...

What a fun quilt! I love it!

Rabid Quilter from California said...

Love your quilt--it's so colorful--just the way I like them!

Sara said...

I definitely like Petey's blocks. Can't wait to see the applique.

Brenda said...

your blks look great!! And I love your lists - I do lists, but don't always seem to get them done.... BUT - when I find a list, and I do.... it's nice to see what is done off of it, and then what still needs doing that I, uh, ahem, forgot????

Keep up the great work!! And thanks for the insperation!!!

Suzanne said...

The quilt is wonderful!