Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, October 1, 2012
Today I used the grass in front of the Visitor Center for my design wall.  8 yo-yo blocks completed so far.   Its a totally random process--if I pull out two yo-yos that are identical--I do draw again--but that's only happened once!

Design Wall Monday on the Grass
Last week my goals were--

Complete two yo-yo blocks--Yes
Sew 10 square in a square blocks--Yes
40 more yoyos--Yes

My goals this week will  be the same--
  1. Complete two yo-yo blocks
  2. Sew 10 square in a square blocks
  3. 40 more yo-yos 
Its been perfect camping weather, warm days and cool nights.  The days are becoming shorter and I miss sitting outside reading in the late evening.

Along with cooler weather the leaves are changing color.  

By Picnic Shelter
Along the Road
Although I'm only 60 miles from home--there is a much larger variety of trees.  I especially love the Bur Oaks.   



Donna said...

Great YoYo blocks!

Linda at LRDesignsQuilting said...

Love the yo-yos! What are you making? I'm working on a yo-yo coverlet.

AnnieO said...

Nice yo-yos! I have a yo-yo coverlet my Grandma made in the 30's that I treasure. She had it tied to a backing 60 years after she sewed the yo-yos from feedsacks.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on meeting all your goals this week.

You'll have all your yo-yos made before too long.

Pokey said...

Your yoyo blocks look nice and tight, how cool that you met your goal! Here's hoping for more of the same this week ~