Motivation Friday

Friday, March 8, 2013
This week has flown by---how have I been doing??
  1. Load Henrietta's Brown 4 Patch--no
  2. Border on Plaid 4 Patch--in progress
  3. Trim Swoon--no
  4. Applique Cherries on #21 of Beyond the Cherry Tree--yes
  5. Make binding for Swoon--no
Not too bad.  I won't load Henrietta's quilt until the borders are on Mr. March--I'm using the long arm rollers to lay it out.  I also made +100 grapes for #16 of the Cherry Tree project.  I have two bunches of grapes sewn down and I'm working on the 3rd bunch.  

There are four "bunches" of grapes, a ribbon wreath and leaves on this block.  Some viney tendrils you embroider.  The middle of the block is empty and is an open spot to sign my name etc.   Not sure about that.  Maybe I will have someone use their embroidery machine to make a nice label for on the back when I'm done.  That's sounds easier.  After all--what year would I put on it?  2010 when I started it--or 2020--when I might finish it?!!  I definitely want a label on this baby.  

I've also been blog reading--catching up my Google Reader.  I may not comment--but I've been reading!


Nancy said...

I hear you on blog reading: sometimes, it takes me forever to get caught up, if I miss checking even one day.

pdudgeon said...

love your grapes! the total number done and sewn down is mind-boggling in itself. Nice job!

Mary-Kay said...

That's a lot of grapes. I agree about the year, what to use. One time I wrote on the label the year I started and the year I completed it. It was only 4 years though not 10.