Motivation Friday

Friday, March 1, 2013
Time to check my goals--
  1. Quilt Swoon--half way
  2. Sew binding to 4 Patch Posey--no
  3. Pink Cake Stand blocks--no
  4. Sew Birds in Air blocks together--no
  5. Borders on DeeDee's Star top--no
  6. Applique flowers on block 11 of BTCT project--yes
Good grief--have I been doing ANY sewing??  Lots!  A lot of time so far on Swoon--I'm not sure why but it seems to be taking longer than planned.   I decided to prep two more applique blocks--

This is Block #16 of Beyond the Cherry Tree.  There are 120 grapes in this block.   I'm using pennies, dimes, and nickels for templates to make grapes.   Since my "grapes" are bigger than the pattern I doubt I'll need 120!   There is an entire blog devoted to quilters who participated in this project--Beyond the Cherry Tree.  Mimi's quilt is finished and is entered at Lancaster and Paducah.  Some are being quilted, some are completed tops--and some like mine are still "works in progress".   If you have a quilt you've always wanted to make but wondered if you "had it in you" DON'T WAIT!!  Start!!   Get your bucket list out and pick one.  Or two.  Or ten!!   

I had a finish this week.  You know--a F-I-N-I-S-H.  Its the Blue Urban Cabin.

Twin size--64x85".  Its a great pattern, I've made two and Henrietta made one. 

The weather is going to be nice this weekend, maybe Henrietta and I will road trip.  And more quilting--hopefully Swoon will be finished.  What do you have planned?


pdudgeon said...

oh do i know about those February goals! I listed 6 goals to start with, and only managed to get one quilt to the quilter's (still waiting for it to come back!) and i'm almost done with the electric Slide quilt and pillowcases. right now it looks like I'll be the perverbial "day late and a dollar short" in getting them done on time, but i started with a month that was already a few days short, so i don't feel too bad.

Katie Z. said...

Ooh... Road trip! Have fun!

That reminds me... After Memorial Day, I'm hopefully headed to your neck of the woods!

Sara said...

The Urban Cabin really turned out pretty with the blues. That seems to be my "go to" color scheme lately. But I have a UFO Urban Cabin started in neutrals. It will eventually move back up to the top of my UFO list.

Nancy said...

I love the look of the Urban Cabin. Nice finish!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Congratulation on your finish. Looks great.

Anonymous said...

I missed all the blocks on the Beyond the Cherry Trees, but I do love it. Someday, I plan to buy them. I'm collecting the Sally Post ones, though, and will do that when I tire of crazy quilting projects for a yearly thing. About 2015, according to current plans. =)

Quiltsmiles said...

Lori, Your urban quilt looks great! Nice finish. Jane