Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, May 26, 2013
Time to update my numbers.  This week I finished binding the Pink Beauty (sounds better than Pink Monster).  I also bought two yards of fabric.  So my new numbers are--

Stash In This Week--2 yards
Stash Out This Week--16 yards
Stash In YTD--67.5 yards
Stash Out YTD--83 yards

I'm Ahead--15.5 yards!!

Please see everyone's Stash Reports at Patchwork Times blog.

Its been windy and rainy/drizzly--the rain gauge here at the camper had 1.80" a few days ago.   Just enough rain to keep the grass wet until yesterday--the last few days have been lovely.  Cool enough at night to turn the heat on but warm and sunshine on Saturday.  Perfect camping weather, I hope it lasts all weekend--every campsite is rented in this area--and that's a LOT of campsites!  I will have to count--I know there are over 1600 campsites the last time I counted, and I think a few more might have been added.  That's Corps of Engineers, South Dakota State, Nebraska State, and Private campgrounds.  I am counting only the ones here in the Yankton area.  

Not a lot of sewing, I have worked on yoyos, and trimmed up some blocks.  I would like my yoyo quilt finished by the end of summer.  I have 22 blocks completely done, and 11 yoyo centers done.  When I have the outside row on the centers they will be done too.  Then its just setting the blocks together---I'm going with a diagonal setting--I found an antique quilts on the internet and I'm following that pattern--

A YoYo quilt is not a traditional type quilt.  There is no batting or backing.  Only the joined yoyos.  But--those yoyos use a lot of fabric--compacted into a small circle.  When mine is done--it will be king size and have used over 40 YARDS of fabric!   I love how I can pick it up and work on it--no directions to remember.  And it used a lot of my "unloved" 5" charms.  Unloved means butt ugly.  Once they are pulled up in a yoyo--you don't remember how ugly they had been!  I decided I would buy a yard of fabric to make the yoyo edge on a block (one block uses 20" of fabric for its edge).  The rest will be cut into 5" charms or whatever fits best.  A few noodle strips.  I saw a wonderful quilt to use charms and noodles  at Park Hill Farm Blog.  Vic changed the placement of lights and darks and a simple 9 patch and snowball quilt has such a new look!  I HAVE to try that! 

I've been working on cutting up small pieces of fabric that's been laying in the stash.  That's an on-going project--keeps the stash neat and the precut boxes get new life.  Rule of thumb for me is if there is less than 9" WOF it gets cut up.  I leave FQ's unless they have cuts out of them.  I only cut a few sizes--5" charms, 3.5 X 6.5" bricks (a Quiltville pattern) and 2.5" noodle strips.   There are so many patterns I can make using these sizes.  All my odd size bits get throw into my Double Wedding Ring basket.  I have about 75% of the arcs made, I'm just waiting for a new infusion of bits. 

When I'm done making Double Wedding Ring arcs I'm not sure what I'll do with the bits.  I know Liz makes MAM blocks.  I could try that.  They might end up MAM potholders!  Liz also sent me a wonderful picture taken from a plane---

A very peaceful picture.  

Here's wishing you a quiet weekend.  Maybe you're sewing or gardening or vacationing, or maybe your going to rest and soak up the sunshine.  I'm hoping for clean skies and 70F weather.  A light breeze.   And if it rains instead--I'm hoping for a steady rain--the kind to nap by! 


Vic in NH said...

Congratulations on your positive stash report! And I'm loving the diamond shaped patterns in your yoyo top, it's really coming out nicely. I was so surprised and honored that you included a link to my blog for that Twisted Ribbons quilt of mine. Thank you so very much!

Sara said...

We definitely woke up to the steady rain this morning, although it has quit now. But I think it is a quilting kind of day. Maybe some golf later if the sun comes out and dries up the grass.

I've been doing some cutting too but my scrap bin does not even look like I've touched it. I've been cutting 5" charms, and also 2.5" squares and even some postage stamps. Strips go back into the bin for string blocks.

Lcrrkhs said...

OK< I've bookmarked Vic's pattern and also that Super stars one. You keep giving me ideas!

Heading your way next summer on the grand summer vacation. I'll be in touch - I'd like to see you!

Quiltsmiles said...

Yippee Skippee, Way to go! The yoyos look lovely but your usin gyour stash is absolutely Awesome! Congratulations. Jane

Suzanne said...

Congrats on being in the stash busting side! I love the yoyo quilt.

Kate said...

Great stash busting! Love your idea for the yo-yo quilt.

Nancy said...

Yikes, I didn't realize you were making a king-size quilt with your yo-yos! Twenty-two blocks is a respectable count: I'm sure you will have the quilt finished by the end of summer.

Katie Z. said...

Wow! You're doing great.

I hope as we head north today, we leave the tornado warnings behind. Last night, in our hotel in Omaha, we received a phone call at 1:30 that we had a tornado warning. Not fun! See you tomorrow.