Motivation Friday

Friday, October 25, 2013
I've been making more Rainbow Scrappy Blocks--

Two dark blue, two teal, two pink, and two yellow.  

I have help in the sewing room this week--Mason.  In between rain showers we try to harvest.  

Mason, Marvin (Ken's dad) and Ken.  Mason is very busy but also very good.  He rides in the combine, tractor, or pickup.  He watches cartoons, finds pins grandma has dropped, and sews with his own needle and thread.  He hangs his creations on the design wall.  I'd forgotten how busy a 5yo is.  Lucky for grandma he still usually takes a nap! 


Sara said...

And I'll bet he will always remember the fun he had harvesting with grandpa and sewing with grandma. Love the photo of him sitting on the combine.

Our Mason and all of the other kiddos will be here for the weekend. We are keeping Sophia while her parents take a short trip, and the others are coming to visit for the weekend.

My cat is going to HATE the kids and dogs in his house the next 3 days!

Julianne said...

I love those blocks. Sounds like you have a great helper. My grandson loves to work as he calls it. They are great helpers.

Brenda said...

Does Grandma nap then too?? ;-)

Nancy said...

The times spent with you in the sewing room and with Ken running the farm equipment will be burned permanently in Mason's memory banks.

Love the colorful blocks.