Motivation Friday

Friday, June 19, 2015
This week I finished a few R/W/B blocks--

This couple is from Omaha and had been to the Bloomfield Nebraska 125th celebration.  They attended the ceremony for the AVTT and commented how nice it was.  They knew about QOV and held my blocks for pictures.  I forgot to ask if they were veterans.  Thank you!!

I've been sewing in the camper and watching the birds at the feeders.  Very relaxing!  How have you spent your week?



Sara said...

Lovely blocks! My week has had only short sporadic moments of creativity of any kind. Mostly it was spent at work, which I didn't plan to do. But deadlines are looming for some end of the fiscal year paperwork.

Tired Teacher said...

Great-looking blocks! They will make a great QOV.

This weekend I'm attending a reception for the Fiber Guild exhibit. It will be fun to see some of my crafts on display wth other Guils members' projects.