Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--Blues

Saturday, June 6, 2015
This is a blue block I made this week-

More stripes and dots from my fabric sample basket.  The dark blue was a 5" batik charm and the orange was part of a jelly roll strip. 

And a r/w/b album block--

The only red were the dots in the center!  Please see what everyone made at SoScrappy!

I'm at my volunteer job now.  The camper is pretty well unpacked.  Next I'll tackle my flower bed and garden.  The Corps of Engineers (that's who I volunteer for) is allowing the volunteers to have a garden.  That is one thing I miss in the summer.  Tomatoes, peppers, a few cucumbers and pumpkins.  Its been tilled and the plants are bought, I will plant everything this week.  

The last few days have been beautiful.  70's and alternating sun/clouds.  Not windy and the mosquitoes aren't out yet.  I thought I would sew if it rained but no daytime rain!  



Sara said...

Enjoy your new location. You must really enjoy volunteering there since you go back every year. And they must love their volunteers since a garden is becoming a new perk.

Tired Teacher said...

Having a garden will be great. Is it a communal garden or a plot for each volunteer?

Love the blocks. I really need to make a few of the album blocks.

Nell's Quilts said...

Beautiful album blocks. I particularly like the complementary colour combination of the first block. Wonderful feeling getting your hands into the soil and having something delicious grow as a result. Enjoy the sunshine and the garden. Hope you have some rain soon so you get some quilting time too.

Deb A said...

Great blocks and good luck with the garden this summer. What a perk for the volunteers!

Katie Z. said...

I love your blocks.

Have fun! What does the dam look like this year?

sunny said...

Love your blocks. Enjoy that perfect weather!

Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful blocks. I hope your garden turns out great.

Sheila said...

Great blocks. I enjoy seeing your block in different colors each month.