Tuesday Design Wall

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
I've been MIA the last week.  Mason came to visit and then the rest of the family arrived and camped over the weekend.  I played with Nick and Laura Beth's smoker--a chicken, ribs, pork chops and a rolled pork roast all were cooked.  Tasted retty good, I'm going to try doing some more this week.  A few pics--

Asher with Rocks
What's the most fun while camping?  Playing with the rocks!  They are scoopable and Grandma plays too.  Mason and I had a "pajama day"--he played games on this tablet and I sewed.

Mason having a Pajama Day
 I was able to finish a few projects.  The flag wall hanging--

Mason holding Flag Wall Hanging
 And a UFO wall hanging from Pat I finished--

Nick holding Pat's Wall Hanging
Enlarge the pic, I am the quilter in the lower left corner.  3.5yds of stash used.  Please see everyone's Design Wall Posts at Patchwork Times.

I was able to watch the smoker from my recliner in the camper--

Smoker from my recliner
 I took Mason to the beach--

Mason at the beach
Mason missed his brother Asher, there was no one to play with! 

I was in Parkston on Monday and visited my stash, a large box of fabric came back with me.  I also checked my flowers, the morning glory vines are taking over the deck----

Morning Glories taking over deck
 The trumpet vine is going wild--

Trumpet Vine going wild
The flower beds are becoming a jungle.  

I did a little shopping and found shoes I liked.  I wanted short black boots with closed toes and smooth leather.  These are as close as I think I'll get--

New Shoes
This week is River Boat Days.  3 days of volunteering and Laura Beth, Nick, and boys will be here for the weekend.  




Sara said...

Sounds like a pretty good week with Mason and the others. Have fun with River Boat Days! I'll actually be going to the Parkston school tomorrow morning for in-service.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Sounds like you had a good week and now a weekend with the fam coming up. Enjoy.

I always like the Anne Klein short boots I've been getting at Herbergers. They usually last me about three years, but I'm always on the lookout for the next pair.

Tired Teacher said...

Nothing better than spending time with loved ones. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Vic in NH said...

What a great post! thanks for sharing all the goings on in your world!