Rainbow Scrappy Saturday--BROWN!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Hooray!!!  Brown!!  Its one of my favorite colors.  I'll have no problems making brown blocks.  Here is the first one I made for browns--

This is a Missouri Star 4 Patch Star.  Its easy and I am using repurposed 4 patches in the center.  Please see what everyone is doing with brown at SoScrappy.  Did I remember to tell you how much I LOVE brown??

A variety of scraps/colors are needed for the planned boy quilt using the b/w 4patches I found.  A wonderful friend sent me TWO boxes of scraps and fabrics.  

Here are some of them I pulled out to use.  Its so much fun to have a variety of fabrics to use.  So many quilts--so little time!  Thank you my friend!

This week a blizzard hit parts of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.  Not usually a problem except Ken was scheduled for shoulder surgery on Wednesday.  The storm was coming Monday night through Tuesday for sure.  We threw our suitcases together and headed to Laura Beth and Nick's--they live in a suburb of Sioux Falls where the surgery was to take place.  I'm glad to we did--it was a nasty storm!  

Looking out Laura Beth and Nick's garage door
Lorri2Rs got 15", Mary in Vermillion got 17".  High winds and no visibility.  All roads were closed.  Luckily the storm was over by Tuesday night and plows began to clear the roads at 4am.  Ken didn't need to check into the hospital until Noon so it worked out.  The surgery went well and he was able to leave Wednesday evening.  We stayed with the kids Wednesday night so we didn't have to travel the snow and ice packed roads in the dark.  We're home now, we had very little snow from the storm here.  Whew! 

So there hasn't been a lot of sewing.  I've been christened "Nurse Ratched".  Ken delights in being waited on.  I know he's feeling better, he asked for a Coke and Oreos!  Although we're not football fans he's asked for me to make "football dip" for the game.  I'm waiting for the commercials and the halftime performance of Coldplay.  Did you know the big screens used in the stadium are made by the South Dakota company Daktronics?  

Which team are you rooting for?  Are you attending a Superbowl Party?  Watching at home?  Or maybe not watching and sewing??  (that's me).



Tired Teacher said...

Glad to hear that you were able to work around the storm and that Ken is recovering comfortably.

Love the brown star block.

I'm not a football fan, so I won't be partying. Enjoy the snacks and the commericials.

Cathy said...

Great brown block! Keep safe and warm; we are sending RSC hugs to you!

gayle said...

Enjoy the sewing time, and the brown blocks!
I think the RSC has encouraged me to appreciate colors that I would normally ignore. I know that I'm now much fonder of brown than I was pre-RSC. 8)

Ivani said...

Best wishes for Ken recovery. Keep safe and warm. Beautiful star block.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You've got a lovely selection of scraps in that Star block. Good thinking regarding the time surrounding your DH's surgery! Best of luck on a speedy recovery (so that your nursing duties will no longer be needed.)

Nell's Quilts said...

Wicked storms this winter. I haven't opened my door to drifts like that since I moved. The pictures sure brought back memories.

PaulaB quilts said...

So glad that the surgery trip went well. I pray that he will be restored to good health. Your Browns are going to be fun to work with.