Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, December 5, 2016
These blocks are on the wall--

Jacob's Ladder Blocks
Jacob's Ladder blocks made for Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2016.  I had to lay them out because I found mistakes in 12 blocks.  Last night I frogged them and have been sewing them back together.  No plans for them yet, just checking to see how they looked.  Please see everyone's design wall posts at Patchwork Times.

Before the Jacob's Ladder blocks could go on the wall I had to finish sewing the Billie Lauder Faux Log Cabin blocks together--

Billie Lauder Faux Log Cabin
There is a large stack of ironed chunks on one end of the cutting table, and I swore I would not refold them.  Some of them went into the Faux Log Cabin.  Its an easy and free pattern.  The blocks finish to 10", so it was simple to make a boy quilt 75x90".  I cut a small dark green border for it.  

This week I've been putting borders on tops. This top was a bit too narrow, so I had to figure a way to make it a little wider.  There was a narrow border of my favorite google eyed chickens, so I checked my chicken fabric stash.  (Thank you Teresa for adding to it!)  I found a small piece of fabric that had chickens all in row in good colors, so I cut a strip for each side, and finished the strip with a tan fossil fern--

Pieces of Eight by Vickie Eapen

Chicken Strip fabric
The blocks are "Pieces of Eight" by Vickie Eapen.  I've been busy in the sewing studio--the long arm table is mostly cleared off, and I've been prepping tops to quilt. Borders, pressed, measured.  They get hung on hangers covered with pool noodles to prevent big creases and notes about size, binding, etc pinned to them.  Once I have them all prepped I will start dyeing backings.  Or piecing backings.  Whatever works!  Even the bindings will be done ahead of time if I have the fabric picked. 

Weekly Goals--

Work on Bonnie Hunter mystery
Prep another top 
Borders on another top

This week will not have much sewing.  If weather permits I will go to guild Christmas party and then stay and visit the grands.  And Christmas shopping!  We don't buy a lot of presents, but the grandsons are young and fun to buy for.  Unfortunately its supposed to get COLD this week, so plans may fall by the wayside.  

We've had "the crud" and been coughing, sneezing, and blowing our noses.  Antibiotics, cough medicine, inhalers, and nasal spray.  Besides sharing food on Thanksgiving we must have shared some germs!   Laura Beth was deemed "safe" by Maddie and climbed up with Maxwell to have a story read.  

Maddie, Laura Beth, and Maxwell
Maddie and Maxwell are a few months apart in age.  

No Christmas decorations up at our house yet.   Soon I hope.  I love Christmas decorations.  My favorite decoration is our tree--its has long fiber optic needles--no other lights.  The tree glows in waves of colors.  What is your favorite decoration?  



Tired Teacher said...

All three tops are beautiful. Thanks for the link for the faux log cabin.

I haven't sewn a stitch (other than to,attach binding) for over three weeks. It's time to get in my sewing room and get something done.

Judy said...

The tops are all great. I especially like the Pieces of Eight. My favorite decoration is the tree, decorated in a wildlife theme, featuring owls.

Sara said...

You have lots of progress to show. I'm so impressed by how much you get done.

My husband was sick all week with "the crud" too and I'm really hoping I don't get it. He says every time the kids all come for a couple of days he gets sick when they leave. They gladly share their germs I guess.

My tree finally went up on Thursday and I'm going to do some Christmas shopping today.

Nann said...

Such scrappy delight at your house, Lori! Have you decided how you will set the JL blocks?
Hope you're able to find all the perfect Christmas gifts when you go shopping.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

What do you want to bet that the weather guessers are right this time and we'll soon be freezing our tushies off?

Always love seeing pictures of your quilts. You get a lot done. I think the only things I finished this year for myself was a small Halloween wallhanging. I've been working on three different projects and now a t-shirt quilt for middle granddaughter. Anything I quilted was for other people.

Christmas decorating is mostly done. I think I do less every year. I love Christmas decorations but by the time it's time to put it all out I have trouble getting motivated.

Kate said...

Beautiful projects. I love the addition of the chicken strips to Pieces of Eight. Hope it's not so cold as to put a damper on your Christmas plans for the week.