Design Wall Monday and En Provence

Monday, December 26, 2016
This pattern is free currently on Connecting Threads and I really like it--
Its Wooden Spools by Mari Martin.  (Thank you Connecting Threads)   I've always wanted a Spool quilt so I made a few blocks--

These finish to 6" so its a good size.  You need 16.5" of a 2.5" strip for the focus fabric.  I'm adding these blocks to my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks for 2017.  The pattern has a black background, but a dark background is hard for me to sew AND since my stash and scraps are mostly mediums and darks I opted to use a light background.  This is an apricot peach solid I had in my stash.  How did I choose my focus fabrics--they were on top the box of chunks I found recently.  Yup, pulled out the first 4 fabrics that I found.  I wondered if I could use lighter fabrics for the focus print--and I think the light pink I used will be OK.  

Next I finished trimming my En Provence Clue 5 units--

I made mine using squares and drawing a line diagonally.  Old school.  You can see I had very little to trim off.  I'm linking to Patchwork Times and Quiltville.  

Weekly Goals--

No weekly goals.   There are 2017 Guidelines to think of.  The next En Provence Clue is Friday.  A few New Starts to work on.  The Double Square Star blocks are now sewn into 9 bigger sections--I work on them each night before I'm done for the day.  A few seams each day moves them along.  And I have a few more tops to prep for quilting.  Next is getting backings made/dyed/planned for the tops backlogged.

One more Christmas celebration and then its on to the New Year.  Its cold and windy and we've had an inch of rain!  Rain is usually not a Christmas occurrence!  



Kate said...

You got a lot done over the holiday. I really like your new spool project.

Nann said...

The spool quilt will be fun! I can imagine it as an almanac or calendar quilt -- 365 blocks with a different focus fabric each day. (That presumes 3" finished spools, of course.)
Did you get socked by the blizzard yesterday?

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

You've been getting a lot usual. I've been working on Bonnie H's Spoolin' Around quilt for almost 2 yrs. now. Last time I counted I still needed 163 of those little 3" spools. I just know I'm going to LOVE that quilt when it's finished.

Our Christmas Day was rainy, rainy, rainy too. Most unusual weather for Christmas. And then the winds came!! This poor old house creaked & groaned and then the power went out. I discovered I didn't have enough batteries for one of my LED lamps. 4 1/2 hours later the power came back on. The wind is still blowing pretty good today, but not as insanely as last night, thank goodness.

Today I am going to sew!! The last two weeks has pretty much been just cleaning and otherwise getting ready for Christmas. Now it's MY time!!

Sara said...

Spool blocks are a fun project. Yours will be nother great way to use up stash.

I'm still working through the mystery quilt clues. Clue 1 is completely done, the pieces are all cut for the rest of the clues and some of each have been sewn. I'll get caught up eventually.

cityquilter grace said...

very nice spool quilt AND pattern that works for any fabric type....i'm thinking solids here...

englishquilter said...

Perfect HSTs!

Rockester said...

I like that spool quilt! Bravo to all you got done. Lovely work! Kathy Aho in MN