Sunday, January 1, 2017
 Its a new year, and I'm using my 2016 Guidelines again--
2017 Guidelines

Refold/organize ONE cube/spot in my stash per month

Work on ONE UFO per month and move it One more step towards completion.  (add borders, set blocks into a top, etc)

Any piece of stash less than 9" WOF goes into the scrap box to be recut into usable units--noodles, 3.5" x 6.5" bricks, 5" charms.  

Finish a UFO before starting a new project (this one is a bit iffy)
I plan to participate in Design Wall Mondays, Stashbuster's UFO Challenge, Rainbow Scrap Challenge and other internet fun.  Even Stash reports!  I may not post to each one every week--but I enjoy them. 

I plan to make quilts for donation and for family. 

I will participate in internet fun.  

I will remind myself its the PROCESS I love the most!
 My words for the year are ENJOY, FOCUS, and BALANCE!!

They have worked well for me, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"  I did add Focus and Balance to my words in 2016 and I'm using them again in 2017.  I've learned a very helpful phrase--Just One Thing--JOT.  Even if you don't think you have time or don't feel like it, do JOT.  Wind bobbins.  Rip the mistake you laid to the side.  Press the blocks you pieced.  JOT can be locating a pattern, doing math, or making lists.  JOT is a task that might take 15 minutes.  Its a great tool, its used a lot.  I've been limiting my internet time and sewing more.  

Today I'm cooking ham, black eyed peas and kale in a stew.  All supposed to bring you good luck in the new year.  Do you have a special menu or tradition for today? 



Sara said...

Happy New Year Lori. You have a great start on FOCUS already!

Tins and Treasures said...

Greetings, Lori.
I love your goals...I may jump on board with you! Happy New Year to you and yours. Take care, ~Natalie

Stephanie D said...

I really like the JOT idea! Since moving, actually since DECIDING to move, I haven't been able to sew at all, and everything that didn't have a pre-determined home before the holidays got shoved into the sewing room. It's overwhelming when I look at it, but I think the JOT idea makes it much more doable.

ES said...

The JOT idea is resonating with me! I suffer greatly with, what I call 'mashed potato brain', I've got little kids and I don't get very much sleep (coz the baby is an awful sleeper), I then feel frozen and don't know where to start or what to do! I tell myself 'do anything!' And just getting going on a project unfreezes me, my brain starts working a bit better and a job/project is getting worked on.