Monday Goals

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Yes, late again on my goals. I will blame it on summer and the driving back and forth I do. I am home for two days, and them back at the VC on Thursday. I would have stayed those two days, but I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I'm back home.

My washer is still waiting for parts, my "fix it" guy was hoping we just needed the belt and pulley, but need the whole pump. About $39. Oh well, still much cheaper than a new washer. And I have another one, I just have to go up and down the steps to do laundry. (UGH)

Here are my laundry baskets, my portable sewing basket is in the top one. She was trapped in the trunk of my car until Ken was able to reach her with the back seat folded down. She's been very lonely~! Oh, did I tell you insurance totalled my little blue car? She's been such a good car, Ken bought her back and found another trunk lid for her, and we will continue to use her for a second car! In the next couple of weeks the body shop will have time to work on her.

Since this week is a holiday, I'm not having goals! Yup, no goals for me! Ken has the weekend off and will be camping with me. We are going to enjoy the fireworks, and spend it peacefully grilling and not much else!

I'd like to run some errands this afternoon. I need another key for my car (one of those remote kind--they will have to make it) and I plan to have *SEX* since I need some fabric for setting triangles. I started to make Alycia's new pattern, and think some dark blue for the setting triangles would be perfect.

Here are the blocks so far, the red will be cornerstones for the cream sashings. I think a dark blue will set the blocks off, a red would over power the pattern. What do you think?? This is a "guy" quilt, so too much cream would be too "bleah" I think. I really don't have much more of those cream fabrics anyway. Not enough for setting triangles.

I heard the dryer timer go off--so I better get back to work!


Mary-Kay said...

Once again you got me. I was reading your blog, more like skimming over it and I noticed the making a new key part and then I thought "Who would post about "SEX"?
Oh yeah the stash kind. You are too funny. You are just trying to keep us on our toes, making sure we read everything.

Pat said...

Have a fun time this weekend camping! and I agree, a blue would set off the quilt better than cream or red!

JuJu said...

Package arrived in MY mail box today!!! Thanks!! Was a nice welcome home from work gift!!!

MightyMom said...

so, do your hits go up every time you mention SEX???

just wondering.

Stephanie D said...

Ken bought the car back? How very thrifty! lol

Hope the dentist appointment goes well! Eat some yummy stuff for me this weekend--I have to work! And I would prefer no fireworks inside the hospital.

Tins and Treasures said...

And I plan to have SEX...yeah, we all know better!! Happy July! ~Natalie