Sunday Stash Report

Sunday, December 5, 2010
No fabric bought, nothing finished.  Stash is still ahead 43.5 yards.   I know, looks like I've not sewn at all!  

I've been working on the "Two Lips" blocks in between household chores and errands.  I've taken over the recliner in the living room.  Ken has *graciously* moved to the couch.   But, it may have been purely self preservation that helped him relocate.  Does this look like your house?  

Yes, I use the arm of the recliner like a pincushion.  I counted--there are five threaded needles stuck to it. 

Last night we started decorating.  The tree is up.  Not in it's usual spot.  Thanks to my sister Kathy (thanks Kathy!) I had an inspiration moment.  Betty helped too!  (Thanks Betty)  Last week Betty said "don't save your good things for later--enjoy them now."   So between the two ideas--quilts decorate my walls.  The quilt police would have a great time issuing citations at my house!  No fancy hangers.  Yup, often in the sunlight.  And, *gasp* my quilts are hung by using a hammer and T-pins.   I have 3 huge Christmas quilts.  One on our  bed.  One in the spare bedroom.  And now one behind our Christmas tree on the wall.  A huge log cabin quilt.  

I've never been able to take a good picture of the tree lit up.  Sue, can you give me some pointers?  My tree is all fiber optic.  Long needles that are the fiber optic strands.  The angels are also fiber optic.  We will have few presents under the tree, so I put my angels there.  I love angels.  The aluminum pitcher came from my dad, its very old.  He remembers when HIS dad came home with it, my dad was just a small child.  I will tie a ribbon around it, and fix those poinsettas in the egg basket.  

Have you put up any decorations?  My tree has ornaments that make me smile when I put them on.  Yes, Sarah, yours on are on there!  


Henrietta said...

Beautiful! Almost makes me feel less "Bah humbug" than usual

Kathie said...

Beautiful log cabin quilt.

Katie Z. said...

Huzzah! I don't save our nice things for later, which would undoubtedly horrify my mil. Things get broken, but it's because we were busy loving them.

SpinningStar said...

Yes - I am still decorating - I've put up 2 trees (one is outside on the porch) and the inside tree is decorated. I am still putting stuff all around the living room.

But best of all, I've put the old birdbath that I brought down from Mom's house along with a bird feeder that I gave her in my front garden bed. It took them a few days, but they have finally found the feeder. I have been enjoying watching the birds come by for a sunflower seed and a sip of water.


Mary-Kay said...

I love your log cabin. And the quilt police can only get ib if you open the door.I didn't know they made house calls. My grandma had some beautiful things and she always had them out. She never said anything when we played with them and possibly broke a few. She glued them back together. When she died they were all there in her things. And now some of us have them on display in our homes, glue and all.

Nancy said...

The log cabin quilt makes a great backdrop for your tree.

Stephanie D said...

Love that quilt!

sb said...

What a good idea - using a quilt as a backdrop for your tree! And such a beautiful quilt.