Monday Goals

Monday, December 19, 2011

Time for goals.  Yes, its Christmas week but I'll still try to sew.

  1. Finish 6 Anita's Arrowhead blocks
  2. Sew on a UFO

That's about all I can do, no stash here to tickle my brain.   
I did go to the quilt shop.  Since shops are feeling the recession too--I did my bit to stimulate the economy!

A lot of variety there!  Henrietta has already claimed this piece--

Beautiful bright chickens!  Henrietta has a weakness for chicken fabric--I wanted enough for a backing--but there was less than 2 yds.  Oh well, we'll just be frugal with it and bits and pieces will be tucked into projects.  

And then I saw this fabric----

So many different colors--do you think that is why I like it?   Hmmm--probably--a scrappy fabric!

Tonight Mason and I will make cookies.  Yesterday we dipped peanut butter balls--Mason was all excited until he found out he could only eat ONE--not all of them as he dipped them!   I've decided to stay in Minnesota until after Christmas, I had planned to go home in between--now I'm not sure when "in between" was!   

I doubt Ken has gotten the Christmas quilt out and put it on the bed.  I made it several years ago--yes, its hand pieced---and is made out of all Christmas fabrics. 

Grandmothers Flower Garden
A king size Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I had a lot of Christmas fabrics, and inherited some from my mother and grandmother's stashes.  Friends gave me some leftovers from their projects.  That Christmas stash was pretty large, I made two king size quilts and a queen size---pieced one backing--and the box still has quite a bit in it.  

Christmas Log Cabin
The log cabin quilt is on the wall--it doesn't look very big--but that wall is 8 foot from floor to ceiling--it covers from top to bottom.  The 3rd quilt is on a bed, its a Chinese coins quilt and its the smallest--a queen size.   I put the box of Christmas fabrics away, I'm not sure what to do with the rest.  

A week until Christmas, I have completed all my sewing gifts.  Are your Christmas projects finished?  Or will Santa find you sewing the last bit in place when he's delivering presents?  


Nancy said...

Way to go, Mason! Peanut Butter Balls are a favorite of mine, too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Vicki W said...

I think I have that same chicken fabric. I bought it to make placemats but I haven't done it usual!

Anita Grossman Solomon said...

I'll get to my holiday cards if you get to your Arrowheads. Seasons Greetings,

pcflamingo said...

One last Christmas-themed table runner to do and I'm done. Love that chicken fabric - it's a hoot! Or a cluck-cluck or something. Very Merry Christmas!

Henrietta said...
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Henrietta said...

flumble flingers

"... bits and pieces will be tucked into projects" MINE!

Stephanie D said...

Mmmm, peanut butter balls! If I was Mason, I'd be sneaking a few on the side, myself.

No sewing here. I had ambitions, but ain't gonna happen.

Susan said...

What a nice show and tell! I love the quilts and that second fabric - the scrappy one is just so interesting!

Missy Shay said...

You did a great job on your hexies quilt! I love the colors!