Motivation Friday

Friday, December 16, 2011
Friday has rolled around too soon.  How did I do on my goals?  

I did make a few Arrowhead blocks---Mason helped--I finished 4 but have another 10 "in the process".   Mason and I sew together--I run the "gas" and he does the "forward" and "reverse".  

Anita's Arrowhead blocks
No sewing on any of the UFO's--I've managed to keep busy somehow!  

Wednesday night Mason and I went shopping.   We were looking for Christmas ornaments and some crafts supplies for his "arts and crafts" box.   We were in Hobby Lobby--and passed the fabric on the way to the bathrooms.  (3 yo boys can't hold it very long Grandma!)  So--we went back to the fabric because EVERYONE KNOWS YOU GOTTA LOOK!!  Mason saw--bug fabric!  Lady bug fabric!  Mason loves bugs.  (Laura Beth says all little boys love bugs.)  We bought enough for a sheet and a pillowcase for his bed.  

Mason and bug bedding!
Mason and Grandma are having lots of fun.  He helped grandma make an apple pie and cook french toast.  He helps Grandma sew---he removes the pins and puts them on the magnetic pincushion for.  He's found the long tape measure and measured the wall--"it's 8 pounds Grandma!"  He keeps asking when Grandpa will be here.  

I'm glad I can spend time with my grandchildren now---I can sew later!!


Nancy said...

You are making some great memories for Mason. His antics make me smile.

I see you are using "Petey's Quilt." it is gorgeous.

Sara said...

What a fun way to spend the afternoon. I'm looking forward to making some good memories with our Mason too.

How do you make the sheet? Do you just hem it and keep it flat? Or do you put corners into it. Such a clever idea!

Henrietta said...

Wonderful! I want some green ladybug sheets.

JuJu said...

Lori, congrats on the new grand baby! Looks like you are having lots of fun!!