Motivation Friday

Friday, June 1, 2012
Friday has rolled around again--how did my goals go?
  1. Make binding for Brown Urban Cabin--yes--its sewn on and just the handwork left
  2. Sew more TATW together--nope
Henrietta and I spent Wednesday shopping.   The day was rainy and cloudy and a bit chilly--and we welcomed the rain. 

But seriously--I'm having some problems with Henrietta.  That girl is feeling guilty when she uses my stash.  She's been building her own stash!  What kind of friend is she??!!!   She says she's made a dent in my stash--but honestly--it must be a very tiny dent

I played with yellows for the last time for the Rainbow Scrap challenge--June will bring a new color.   My fabric choices have been very random and I'm looking forward to seeing all the blocks at the end of the year.  I'm glad I chose this challenge and picked 3 different blocks to make with noodles.  Its a relaxing challenge. 

I volunteer Sat-Sun-Tu-Wed.  Laura Beth, Nick, and boys may come to visit next weekend.   Ken and I miss them terribly.   If I could I would hop in my car and visit every few days!   We're hoping Mason will be able to spend a few days or maybe a week with us this summer.  Ken remembers when he stayed with his grandparents every summer--and wants the same thing for Mason and Asher.  

I read through my monthly goals to refresh my memory.  I refolded and put away all the fabrics I'd had out while working on the TATW quilt.  That took me a whole evening!  I have a UFO pulled out to sew on---the Birds in Air blocks I took to the camper--I can use the bed as a design wall.  I also did a bit of work on the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt--the applique project. 

And I weeded a bit of the flower bed and tied up some annual sweet peas.  The Morning Glorys and Moonflowers are taking off, and my Jackmani and Nelly Moser clematis are blooming.  The Liatris Latifolius are huge and covered with clumps of flowers and buds.  These are perennial sweet peas--no smell--just prolific reliable bushes.   There is a row of Dahlia's that will need stakes and maybe a bit of a fence--Ruby doesn't understand there are flowers in the spot she usually walks.  Henrietta and I noticed my Wisteria is blooming--I pruned them a lot last year--they really deserve a better place to grow--there's not enough room where they are. 

I'm not sewing as much--its summer--and it doesn't last forever!  I hope you're enjoying your summer.  Have you done anything extra fun? 



Stephanie D said...

I'm with you--spring and summer are for being outdoors! MUST get our daily allowances of Vit D! (Dirt).