Motivation Friday

Friday, June 8, 2012
Time to check on my goals!

  1. Sew birds in air blocks together--Yes--I have 64 sewn together--36 left.
I've also sewn a 36 patch block and several 4 patches I found in my sewing box.  I even did some hand applique on a Beyond the Cherry Trees block.   

Toni next door helped me take pictures of the Brown Urban Cabin quilt---

See Toni?  Drat--I cut her head off!  Pictures of Toni later this summer.  She's holding the Brown Urban Cabin sideways and there was a strong breeze.

I'm finishing up some laundry and defrosting my fridge here at the camper.  Then I'll head home.  I would like to load a quilt on the Princess (are you reading this Henrietta??) and I'm anxious to dig in my stash for some purple--that is the color this month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  36 patches, Spools, and 4 patches are the blocks I'm making for this challenge.  The 30's solid yellow I bought last week is to make a Strippy 4 patch using the 4 patches.   I have a vintage quilt made by my Great Aunt Katie in this pattern.

You've probably noticed I almost never make a one color or one fabric quilt.  I have--I just don't enjoy it!  Almost all my UFO's are projects using one color or a controlled color scheme.  I admire quilts done with one and controlled colors--I think they are beautiful and then I try to make one.  Its a learning process--and I must be a slow learner!!  



Nancy said...

Your quilt is beautiful - even though it sprouted legs. Yikes!

I prefer scrappy quilts because they are so interesting.

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

The only time I do one color is if the person I am gifting is very specific about it. I love scrappy. Based on all the fabrics I am still unpacking and shelving, I will be making scrappy until I die and that is not something I am expecting for 30+ years. teehee (I'm 59, so maybe I can hang on past the century mark and make a few more one colors.)

Henrietta said...

This is a Quilt of Valor, hated the pattern, like the way it turned out. It has the same fabric, a brown Civil War repro in all the large rectangles but the outer strips pretty much came out of Lori's strip basket. I limited myself to reds, browns through gold to tan and the blue-grey in the border. I was aiming for expensively neutral elegance.

The backing was bought for this quilt, it has American Eagles framed in a circle. There wasn't quite enough so there are more blocks in a vertical strip on the back.

I hope some brave Veteran enjoys it.