Motivation Friday

Friday, June 29, 2012
I finished binding the Blue Urban Cabin.  No sewing on the Birds in Air blocks this week.  

The weather has been very hot.  High 90's--parts of the state were 109F and 110F.  I stay inside where its cool during the day.  Late evenings are nice and I've been busy watering the grass and flowers at the camper.   The little yellow warblers wait for the water spray to hit the lilacs--where they flutter and bathe in the safety of the bushes.   Lots of finches must have fledged--last night I watched FIVE on the finch sock feeder while 2 more sat on top the crook.  Some of them haven't had a lot of flying experience--missed landings and a few crashes.  One sat on the edge of a feeder--looked at the seed and pecked at the plexiglass.  Thelma was skulking across the road to check underneath the feeder for grain--no baby turkeys yet.  


Nancy said...

Sounds like your temps are close to what they are here. I stay inside because of the heat as well as the smoke from the forest fires. It is thick in the air and gives me a headache. I have been hibernating - no sewing because the iron heats up my non-air conditioned house. Sigh!

Stephanie D said...

I miss watching my bird friends, but I haven't put out any more birdseed due to the bears. My posts now hold hanging baskets instead. I have a new birdbath, but guess they haven't discovered it yet.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

It's hard to be motivated in this heat & humidity. It was cloudy and enjoyable earlier this morning. Even rained a litte....but that just made the humidity worse when the sun came out.