Motivation Friday

Friday, January 11, 2013
Lots of sewing has been done.  Let's see how my goals are doing---
  1. one yoyo block--YES
  2. load/quilt Sailboat quilt--YES
  3. one pillowcase--no
  4. work on a UFO--YES
Do I count this as a UFO??  Of course--although its Henrietta's its been "resting" in my cupboard waiting to be quilted.

The red checkerboard--and its already off the long arm.  Another top is loaded and ready for tomorrow.   Wound the bobbins.   Binding is made for the sailboat quilt, and I'll make some blue binding for the smaller blue quilt.   I've joined with some of my fellow stashbusters in a quilting/sewing marathon this weekend.  

A challenge was issued to work on one applique block a month.  Do you recognize this?

Yes, I've pulled out my Cherry Trees project.  Twenty leaves left on this block. 

Back to work---



QuiltinLibraryLady said...

"Resting" I like that. Today would be a good day to "rest" indoors as cold as it is out.

Nancy said...

Too cold here to do anything but stay inside and knit or sew or nap. I may do all three.

Pokey said...

You are definitely motivating, and motivated! All good stuff here, Lori ~

Sara said...

You have accomplished a lot as usual. Wish I could say the same.