Design Wall Monday and Weekly Goals

Monday, March 18, 2013
Several projects are being worked on--

Little Boxes
Little Boxes is a new project.  I had been a bit depressed and then I realized I didn't have a machine piecing project and THAT'S why I was depressed--I love mindless chain piecing--I find it relaxing and I think about other things in my life as I sew--maybe its more of a "thinking project" than a "quilting project".  Do you do that??  After a couple hours of sewing I felt much better!  The pattern was one of the Martingale downloads for $1.  I've resized it  to use 2.5" strips instead of 2".  My $1 is well spent when someone else figures the layout.  Yes--I probably could have racked my pea brain and figured it out--but I am a visual person--and find it much easier to look at the diagrams and how many "A" bits I need.  

Bibs from Towels
Remember working with knit fabric?  I had forgotten how I dislike that--but I do like the bibs.  Several more to do.  The towels cost between $1.00 and 1.50 and the knit collars were $1.49 for 10.  Yes--all 10 for that price.  Most of the collars are long enough to make two bibs.  Asher is a messy eater and I will put some away for gifts.  One blogger commented "after using it as a bib, wipe the kid down and toss it in the laundry".  A multi-purpose bib!

Block 16 BTCT
I have all the grapes sewn down--working on the vine.  Check everyone's Design Walls at Patchwork Times.

Weekly Goals--
  1. Quilt brown 4 patch
  2. Sew binding on one quilt
  3. Finish applique block 16
  4. Sew 2 more bibs
  5. Make 9 patches for Little Boxes
  6. Sew one more row of Birds in Air together
  7. Borders on DeeDee's Star
Last week my goal progress wasn't so good.  This week will be busy too but I'll sew whenever I can.  Now, I don't plan to get all those goals done--I just like the option of variety in choices!   

The wind is howling and it alternates between cold (last night was 22F) and sunshine (now is 51F).  I'm SO ready for spring--I fondle my packets of flower seed and plan when to start them indoors.  I must remember not to plant them too early--last year the plants got too big and spindly before they were planted.    There are a few slow germination perennials I want to get a head start with.

Have a great week!!


Henrietta said...

Bibs look spiffy. Maybe I should make one for myself, when we eat runny burgers.

Sara said...

I am really wanting spring to arrive too - so tired of cold and wind and snow. But I gave up gardening some years ago. I really didn't enjoy it, and that resulted in a "brown thumb". But I do enjoy everyone else's flowers and plants.

Looking forward to seeing the Little Boxes quilt develop. I like your blue fabrics all lined up waiting. . .

Jill said...

There is something therapeutic about mindless chain-stitching, isn't there? The applique block is beautiful.

Nancy said...

The wind has been howling here, too. Yesterday gusts up to 77 mph were recorded. Sigh, spring is taking it's time coming this year.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...
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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

OK, deleted my earlier post since my fingers & my brain can't agree. I need a bib like those you made....only much bigger. :) Your new pattern looks great. Modern looking yet would look good as a scrappy quilt. As for all those appliqued grapes....more power to you. I like LOOKING at applique but don't want to actually DO it.

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Wow, your grapes look gorgeous! And the blue boxes are going to be lovely too. I have to have a variety of different projects to suit my mood. Yes, chain piecing is wonderful "mindless" work. I'm getting something done, but my mind can wander all over the place. Same for hand sewing the bindings.

pdudgeon said...

yea for mindless sewing and getting lots done that way! As for won't believe what is happening outside my window now; the lawn guys are outside doing the first mowing of the year!
not that there's that much grass growing yet, so it's probably just cutting down the last of the Fall grass rather than actually mowing the Spring grass, LOL but grass is grass, and it's apparently there to be mown.
i think the Little Boxes will be a charming quilt. How original to work the sashings that way in the pattern--never seen that done before.
And don't think that just because I live down South that i'm all done with snow. What did we get on the Second day of Spring? yep, you guessed it--an afternoon of snow flurries and a cold night. it didn't stick to the ground here, but 20 miles west of us it did! Our daytime temps are running about 20 degrees colder than normal here, so this is going to be a late Spring for many of us.