2014 Is A New Year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
2014 Guidelines

Refold/organize ONE cube/spot in my stash per month

Work on ONE UFO per month and move it One more step towards completion.  (add borders, set blocks into a top, etc)

Any piece of stash less than 9" WOF goes into the scrap box to be recut into usable units--noodles, 3.5" x 6.5" bricks, 5" charms.  

Finish a UFO before starting a new project (this one is a bit iffy)
I plan to participate in Design Wall Mondays, Stashbuster's UFO Challenge, Rainbow Scrap Challenge and other internet fun.  Even Stash reports!  I may not post to each one every week--but I enjoy them. 

I plan to make quilts for donation and for family. 

I will participate in internet fun.  

I will remind myself its the PROCESS I love the most!

 My word for the year is ENJOY

Yes, I think these will work well for 2014.  Last year I finished 13 quilts.   7 were donated various places.  3 to family.  A few I finished for a friend.  I'd like to say I'll have more finishes in 2014, but then I remind myself quilting is for fun.  And I need to enjoy it, all of it!  Finishing a project before starting a new one is flexible.  And its becoming more doable.   Mostly because I've learned to avoid "Magpie Syndrome".  That need to make every new project I see.  How do I avoid that?  When I see a project I just GOTTA make, I say Okay, but THINK about it.  I let it simmer in my mind.  I review fabrics in my stash, will they work?  I do math calculations, possible resize/redraft the pattern to fit my needs.  And IF, after a couple of weeks, or months I STILL want to make it, I do.  It is put on the list of projects I am going to make.  How is that working for me?  In the last six months I've started seven projects.  I haven't added any new ones to the list, yet.  One project required specific stash additions, that's okay.  One required background fabric, another okay purchase.  The rest are using stash.  I have limited attention span, I flit from one project to the next.  But, they aren't NEW projects.  They are on my list and I like the variety.  
Have you thought about where you'd like your quilting to take you?  What you like best?  How about a bucket list?  Have you made one, or started one from it?? Don't think its too hard, or I'll do it "later".  Try a practice block before committing to it.  Ask another quilter for help.  But, above all else, ENJOY what you do!!  


Norece said...

Great word "Enjoy". I like your goals - the goals I made seem pretty rigid to me after reading your list. I am going to have to do some evaluating and see if anything changes.
Happy New Year.

Sara said...

Our goals are pretty similar, including moving UFOs to the next stage. And I'm very excited to see if the new owner of The Pin Cushion does a BOM or not. Hope so - it is always fun.

No sewing for me the next few days however as I'm headed to the airport in the morning for a short and much needed vacation.

Nancy said...

Sounds like a great plan for 2014.

I hope to finish some quilting AND knitting UFOs and not purchase any yarn or fabric during the year.

Moneik said...

Love your word! I've spent a lot of time finishing up UFO's and now I am ready to work on some challenging projects for myself.

Unknown said...

Love your plan for the year. Have a great one.

Mary-Kay said...

I need to make some goals, like organize my sewing room, reduce the stash( this will be the easiest) and finish all the WIPs. I do love the finished product and seeing what I can create is my enjoyment. Have a great New Year and let's keep to all our goals.

Needles, Fabric, Chisels, and Wood…Life is GOOD! said...

WEll, I just finished sorting and reorganizing my fabric stash. Big project but love the touchy-feeling. School is almost done, so that will give me time for all the other wonderful things floating in my head, but first I am compiling a few ideas. I will fomulate my year's plans after I finish all the bookkeeping, etc for our woodworking business.

Quilting is DEFINITELY on the list.

Pokey said...

I am chiming in on your motivation list, starting with reorganizing the areas bit by bit. Enjoy seems to fit perfectly!